View Full Version : Garage sale...

Uncle Ben
01-10-2008, 12:57 AM
Cleaning my house garage and I have a few things that need new homes.

I didn't take any pics yet but I will.

First off I have a set of used FJ-55 tail lights (no idea of where they came from!) No idea of what they are worth and hoping if they are someone elses they see this and claim them! :rolleyes:

a BTB Saginaw PS conversion plate (new) ...no bolts or frame sleeves - make cheap offer!

1 set Downey Cantilever shackles (like Treeroots front) complete (I think) and new. Probably won them in a raffle would be my guess! Make offer.

I have no doubt I will find more so stay tuned! The walls of my garage are closing in on me I need to push them back out!