View Full Version : Anyone know anything about the bull mt. pipeline?

01-10-2008, 10:21 AM
What is the story about the BLM and US Forest Service permitting the construction of a pipeline through 3 roadless areas?

If the BLM is willing to grant access in roadless areas for pipelines, maybe it is a sign that they don't really care what a "roadless area" is anymore.

01-10-2008, 10:39 AM

http://www.hccaonline.org/page.cfm?pageid=2043 (scroll down)

Apparently not all the controversy is about minimizing impact to the environment. Just a particular part of the environment?

More discussion:

I don't know nuttin' bout it.

Seldom Seen
01-10-2008, 04:19 PM
The 2001 Rule does NOT prohibit projects necessary for public health and safety, power lines, gas / water pipelines and communication sites are exempt. All projects are subject to current USFS planning rules and regs though.

01-10-2008, 05:03 PM

I'm pretty sure this goes right through our Elk/Deer hunting area...Not sure if I read it correct but apparently there is already a pipeline going through some/all of the area and they will follow that path to minimize the impact to say a new area?

01-10-2008, 07:45 PM
That matches what I read. What the ruckus was about was, widening the impact area from what it is now, enabling heavy equipment to move about and such. In other words, a road. According to another opinion, the route approved actually has the least impact of all alternatives.

If one was of the opinion that Roadless equals Wilderness Lite, I can certainly see why any threat of a pipeline would be enraging. (Nobody likes a pipeline through national forest, admittedly.) You can certainly understand why some would want to push to make Roadless actual Wilderness. Of course, we would resist that.

My prediction: Roadless designation will make no one happy. Windowdressing.