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01-12-2008, 01:53 PM
Just had a thought, and maybe you know the answer to this. Do you require a passport now to cross the border into the US with the new rules?

Probably worth knowing so we can make sure the rest of the northerners registered for CM know so they have time to get one.

01-12-2008, 07:10 PM
if you drive over all you need is, a operator's licence and certificate of birth to prove that you live where you say you do, but a passport dosn't hert either...


01-12-2008, 07:19 PM
Canadian Citizens

Canadian Passport (strongly recommended), or
Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, or
Birth certificate (original or certified) or Canadian Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad PLUS unexpired government-issued photo identification* such as a provincial driver's license or provincial health insurance card (this documentation may subject the passenger to additional questioning at the border).
* Photo identification is not required for a child under 18 accompanied by his or her parent or legal guardian. Proof of citizenship is still required in all cases.

01-12-2008, 07:29 PM
Thanks Kevin

01-12-2008, 07:30 PM
any time Ken

01-12-2008, 07:33 PM
so what spot are you in at slick rock. I'm at the same place.

01-12-2008, 07:34 PM
still waiting to hear nothing yet