View Full Version : Kudos for Justin M or SQUISHY!

01-16-2008, 07:05 PM
Sharon took her FJ in today for an oil change and tire rotation today at Burt Toyota. She asked the service manager about the problem they had with the passenger side airbag cover, he said he had not heard of any problems. Well we know there is so she called me and I gave her some more info plus two service bulletins, no biggies.

She asked again and who would answer all her questions but Justin. Seems that he remembered her when he and his dad, Bill M, came to our house to buy some seats. He explained everything to her and put her mind at ease, something that is not easy to do DAMHIK ;)

I just want to thank Justin publicly for taking care of Sharon and explaining everything to her, makes my day easier. Thanks again Justin, we both appreciate it. :thumb::cheers:

PS Bill you can give yourself a pat on the back too ;)