View Full Version : Diesel Tundra at the Stock Show

01-19-2008, 05:01 PM
This is a cross post from mud, but I thought I would post here too in case anyone was wanting to check it out the truck. The Diesel Tundra from SEMA is down at the National Western Stock Show. They have it at the Denver Coliseum off of I-70. It should be there for the next week if you wanted to check it out. It costs money to get itn, but I am not sure how much because I had some free tickets.

The truck is not in the coliseum; it is in the exhibition hall (other side of I-70) on the 2nd floor. The have some livestock there to check out and the usual fair food.

They have a couple of other tundras there too. One had a Slee Fairlead on it.