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01-26-2008, 08:37 AM
ok. Here we have an old fire extinguisher, red in color, with current (i think) hydro test. regulator works great, but gauges have seen better days.

fillable at any fire/safety shop, beverage supply, party store and some welding shops. Costs about 18 bucks to fill if I remember right.

Skinnier than a commercial "power tank" so less footprint in the vehicle.

I used it for dual purpose, both as a co2 welding tank and for filling tires.

Regulator runs at a max of about 55psi, which is enough for most air tools. The cool thing is that to fill tires, you use a screw on valve stem adapter, set it to the pressure you want, and walk away to do something else. It won't overfill, as when the pressure equalizes then flow stops.

35.00 first come first serve.

paypal preferred, but call to reserve if you have cash/check only.

303 nine o six 8693


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PM'd you!

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sale pending

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Nice score Chris!

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I am jonesing for a PING on my computer for when John posts up his junk for sale... :D