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01-27-2008, 04:23 PM
Funny how, from our perspective we see our trails and roads being closed at an alarming rate. But from the Wilderness Society's perspective, the administration is rushing forward on our behalf (lumping us in with extractive industry).

Somehow I missed the rush of wind from them rushing forward for us, "building trails at breakneck speed in Wilderness". Huh? Breaking Federal law to build trails for us?? Rushing forward without evaluation environmental impact? I could only believe that if I had not read the DEIS for these. And there AIN'T NO NEW TRAILS. There are LOSSES OF TRAILS and access.

Oh. They meant to say, "land that we have plans for, to lock OHVs out by designation as Wilderness so only quiet-use people have access".

January 27, 2008

Dear [name withheld],

So far, more than 30,000 have opposed the Bush administration's
callous plan to plunder scenic Utah landscapes for oil and gas
and open the land to off-road vehicles.

Unless more Americans add their voices, our concerns may
register as a lonely cry in the wilderness.

[name withheld], will you show your support for protecting the
health, wildlife, and natural beauty of Utah's public lands?

Click here to send a quick, urgent message to Bush's Bureau of
Land Management:
[link deleted]

The Bush administration is so eager to start poking holes and
blazing trails across the Utah wilderness that it is rushing
ahead without carefully assessing the impact on archaeological
artifacts, riparian areas, air quality, wildlife habitats or
other fragile resources as required by law.

These are our lands. Whether you're concerned about the stunning
wildlife, rich archeological history, clean air, or the outdoor
experiences, it's up to YOU to demand a sensible management plan
for 11 million acres of public land.

And there's no time to waste. Under Bush's watch, respect for
wild lands is the last priority.

There's still time to preserve our natural treasures! We can't
do it without you.
[link deleted]

Land management officials can do better, but they need to feel
the heat. Thank you for taking the time to support responsible
development of our most precious lands.

With your help, Utah's red rock canyon country will retain its
sweeping majesty for generations to come.


Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

P.S. To maximize your impact, please ask your friends and family
to help protect Utah's Red Rock Wilderness, too. Thank you