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02-01-2008, 10:00 AM
I was talking to my boss yesterday about iPhones, how they're pretty cool but I've heard they're somewhat cumbersome to type on. I messed with a Blackberry once but it was an older one (black & white) and I thought it was pretty lame.. also kind of big.

Anyway my boss left me a message last night that said "hey if you want an iPhone, go get one" which is my green light to get whatever I want. So here's what I think my needs are:

-Be somewhat small, able to fit in my pocket
-Access to our Exchange server at work? I want to send/receive email, from multiple mailboxes (currently set up as shortcuts in my Outlook)
-Still gotta be a telephone, speakerphone, etc., bluetooth connectivity.
-Play MP3's?
-Internet access. - in fact if it could somehow beam that connectivity over to a laptop or router I could see that as being a huge benefit.

that's probably it, what am I missing? what do you guys have? My current phone is a 2nd gen Razr, but I may not want to stay with Motorola since they're getting out of the phone business (http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/jan2008/tc20080131_906120.htm?chan=top+news_top+news+index_businessweek+exclusives). All comments welcome :beer:

02-01-2008, 10:01 AM
I love my treo...especially for exchange server access and email/internet access...kinda bulky, but not bad once you get used to it.

02-01-2008, 10:11 AM
treo. I have a crackberry curve that the company made me get.. treo kills it in overall functionallity and features. Crackberrys are the **** for corporate use though, (remember build out big arse mobile data networks for a living) with there total contact database integration, and voice dial from contacts with no programming. However, they stink compared to a treo or a windows device for network integration such as document handling and mobile applications (supply chain / erp). Biggest advantage? touch screen. Much easier to use touch screen or stylus to utilize programs and features than a trackball.

These are not one off opinions. This is after working with organizations deploying THOUSANDS of devices at a time.

call me if you want to discuss in more detail around business use.. for personal use? I would still rock the treo or one of the samsung units


02-01-2008, 10:16 AM
Good stuff, thanks. Also I am probably still married to the ATT/Cingular network, if that matters? How about one of these Palm Centros? looks like all the other cute girls (http://www.palm.com/us/products/smartphones/centro/play.html)have one, so it must be good.

edit: doesn't look like I can get any Palm device and stick with ATT... :mad:

Shark Bait
02-01-2008, 10:19 AM
I have a BlackBerry Pearl and love it. :)

02-01-2008, 12:52 PM
I have had a Palm Treo for about 2.5 years and I have abused it without issue. It does eveything well, and I love how it runs ALL the Palm software out there...

I would buy it again. It is a bit bigger than some, but they are all around the same size once you get a smart phone.

Drew :thumb:

02-01-2008, 01:01 PM
My only complaint about the iPhone is the speaker phone isn't loud enough. Everything else is awesome. Typing is incredibly easy on the iPhone and I can probably type faster on it than on what the other phones have. They just enabled GPS support so that complaint has been addressed now. You can set up a VPN with the iPhone; however, it will only work if your company doesn't require external software for the VPN to set up.

02-01-2008, 01:47 PM
Yea, same issue here - I got my wife an Iphone for Xmas, and it's great for everything except the work email/VPN issues. In her case, it's a specific issue with the company's VPN software and elevated security standards. If you are thinking IPhone, do the research ahead of time and see if its compatible with your work's setup.

02-01-2008, 01:51 PM
The kind that is big enough that your wife doesn't run through the washing machine. Like mine did 2 days ago.

02-01-2008, 02:09 PM
att supports palm products. trust me. I would know.


02-01-2008, 02:15 PM
Ok good advice so far, thanks.. I have emailed our 3rd party IT guys to get their input, and make sure whatever I get is compliant with however we hack into the network here. It's through Windows XP remote access, but beyond that I don't really know how it all works.. but they do, that's why we pay them. :)

02-01-2008, 03:11 PM
God I love retirement hate talking on a phone wheter it is up to my ear are ine speaker as well as bluetooth do loike my OnStar don't take it fishing hod roding or anything else sits in my pocket I figure if they want me they can leave a message good in emergencies though had a treo and it was like walking into a room full of roaches turn the light's on and your eyes wshake faster than a chiwahwa loved flying that is about as far as i was willing to go on the concentration playing in the mud is a lot easier and more fun ?But having said that I do miss work when I blink Nextell has a military spec shock and highly water resistent bluetooth web and picture mail as well as walkie talkie and speakerphone should be out this spring Iv'e had so many and got the wet they won't even ensure me anymoe and my wife swears by here treo the older modle she say's the new one is less sufficient

02-01-2008, 03:11 PM
...if you want to do bluetooth audio, not just to receive/place calls but to listen wirelessly through BT headset or something, the iPhone does not yet support A2DP wireless audio technology. Phones such as the BlackJackII DO support that.

I have a slick Ski helmet with bluetooth heaphones, and instead of having Play, pause, stop, track advance, volume controls...I have to plug in my iPod and only get Mute/Unmute features.

02-01-2008, 04:17 PM
Ok, one of the IT dudes called me back, here are my new requirements:

1. MUST have Windows Mobile OS. Can't be Palm OS, can't be Blackberry OS.
2. Plan must include internet with unlimited data. (not a pay as you use thing)
3. (optional) bluetooth internet connectivity, so it can be the internet provider for a laptop. It's this option what will enable the "Live from Cruise Moab" thread.. :)

So given the above, I guess the Treo's are out because of the OS thing..

Samsung Blackjack? (http://www.samsung.com/us/support/guides/howToGuideSearchList.do?group=mobilephones&type=mobilephones&subtype=att&model_nm=SGH-I607&prd_ia_cd=01010100&disp_nm=SGH-i607%20(BlackJack)&mType=DR&dType=D&vType=R)

02-01-2008, 05:03 PM
no. treo's are windows as well. plus, crackberry's interfere with landlines, stereos, car stereos, cb radios, ham radios etc etc etc


02-01-2008, 09:47 PM
I use AT&T and also need to access the exchange server and email at work. I have had a Samsung Blackjack for about a year and love it. Excellent phone. Fast emails and Windows compatible. Good battery life, great camera, great software.

My wife has an iPhone. I do not think it has exchange server or email sync capabilities. I always say that it is a "play" phone, not a work phone. It's cool if you want to listen to music and look at pictures; it's crap if you need to actually get something done that is work-related.

Check out Blackjacks. I have had 3 Treos and the Blackjack is much better built in my opinion.

02-02-2008, 09:21 PM
Well last night I was at the ATT store and it was between 3- the Tilt (http://www.amazon.com/AT-T-Tilt-Smartphone/dp/B000UWDU5K), the Samsung BJII (http://www.samsungblackjack.com/), and the Treo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdkDVlk-GNI).. I decided to go for the Treo, then the dude went in back and said they're all out of stock. So I left..

Only thing that turned me off on the Blackjack was it didn't have a touch screen. nntawwt, but just seems like I should have it. the other two had it.. the Tilt was pretty trick but a little too intense, I don't think I want to deal with learning how to use it, plus the stylus seemed a little ghey to me. I'm a little turned off by how fat the Treo is, it's also heavier than the Blackjack.

02-13-2008, 11:06 AM
So I got a Palm Treo 750.. Iím planning on taking it back on Friday and exchanging it for the Samsung Blackjack II. Here are my comments:

-email: The windows mobile stuff is pretty cool. I have it synched up to my exchange server, so that I can see all my emails at work. If I read something on the Palm it marks it read on my computer, if I send something it gets put in my sent items, if I delete something in one place it deletes it in another. Iím impressed with that. I am also able to connect to my personal email account and monitor it as well, but Iím unable to send from it. I spoke with our tech guys and they say youíre only really supposed to connect with one email in a Palm, so thatís as good as itís going to get. Ok then..

-contacts: I was surprised by this, because at first sync all my phone contacts got shot over to my Outlook, and all my Outlook contacts got shot over to my phone. Actually, thatís pretty cool except that I had some older information on at least one person on my computer, and that over-wrote the newer information on my phone. So I donít have my friend Craigís cell number anymore, maybe othersÖ oh well.

-Schedule: Also pretty slick, if I create an appointment on the phone it makes it to the computer, mark one ďdismissedĒ on one and it gets dismissed on the other, etc. Probably more about Windows mobile and ActiveSync though, doesnít pertain to the Treo exclusively. But a nice feature.

-the phone: I canít hear the damn thing ring. Iíve got it turned up all the way, found the loudest ring tone, and set to vibrate, but Iíve still missed a few calls that I would have heard if I still had my Razr. Also on at least two occasions the phone hasnít rung at all, like one time I called myself from my office with my cell phone in my hand, and just watched the thing not ring and got sent to voice mail. Also I seem to drop more calls with this phone than I did with my Razr.. yes some of you have experienced this as well, sorry about that.

-the battery is pathetic. I charged it for at least 4 hours with the wall charger prior to use, per the manual. Since then Iíve had it ďdockedĒ just about every day, which also charges it. So I have a full battery every afternoon, and by the next morning itís down to half. One day I skipped the charge, and the thing was completely dead the next morning. Sorry, no good.

-Storage: I thought it was cool that I can play MP3ís, so thought Iíd dump all of Smashing Pumpkinís Siamese Dream over there to start.. well it got about 6 songs in then ran out of space. Guess I need to buy a separate mini SD card? Oh well.. also file management is pretty cumbersome in the Palm so Iíve just been forcing what I want through Windows Explorer when the thing is hooked up to my computer.

-The Camera is pretty nice, only shot I took was that fried wire in the Scout but the clarity seems better than the Razrís phone. But who cares if Iím taking pictures Iím going to use a camera, not the phone. And it doesnít have a video camera, which the Razr does, but again thatís a pretty useless feature too IMO

-The touch screen is neat, and the Samsung doesnít have it, but Iím hoping some of the things that annoy me about the Palm (mainly the phone performance and battery life) will be resolved by the Samsung and offset the lack of touchscreen.

-The thing is huge, especially coming from a Razr. Itís heavy, and a big fat lump in my pocket. I tried splitting wood on Saturday afternoon and had to put it on a stump because it kept jostling around too much (yes I split wood quite often, and have done so with the Razr in my pocket without issue).

-the internet is borderline useless. I tried looking at the Rising Sun site and all I can really see is the logo in the upper corner, it's almost impossible to view posts, or respond to them. Maybe in time I'd figure it out, but it became too annoying to try to learn any further. Yes I did see some Boobies once just for the novelty of it, and that was cool but again the interface just wasn't that great. I never got around to trying the "tethering" where it's supposed to provide internet to my laptop, and am still not sure how to do that. But suffice it to say, I don't look at IE anymore, it's just not worth it.

So hoping the Samsung is better, and I plan to take full advantage of my 30 day trial.