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02-01-2008, 01:54 PM
OK, so with this, you know I am a closet environmentalist left wing nut job. Well, most of those words. Pick the ones that amuse.

This seems quite worthwhile:
http://www.coloradoactionnetwork.org/images/banner.jpg Dear William,
Go Solar!
Help make investments in clean energy affordable to all Coloradans--
Support the Homegrown Renewable Energy Act today! (http://ga6.org/campaign/homegrown_energy_act/8w35u3x4p867e7m?)

Give all Coloradans the chance to participate in our state's new energy economy
- Move Colorado toward greater energy security
- Support homegrown global warming solutions
In Colorado, Xcel and Aquila Energy pay a fair rate for the extra electricity produced by the solar and wind energy systems of home and small business customers.
Unfortunately, rural electric associations (REAs) and municipal utilities (munis) provide few, if any, incentives of this nature. This means that nearly 1 million Coloradans can’t participate in building the new energy economy and helping our state become a leader in the fight against global warming.
Contact House Representative Joe Rice to voice your support for the Homegrown Renewable Energy Act (http://ga6.org/campaign/homegrown_energy_act/8w35u3x4p867e7m?), House Bill 08-1160:

Require REAs and munis to buy energy from residential and business renewable energy systems, including farms and ranches.
Provide consumers with “rollover kilowatts.” Extra electricity generated in one month is credited on the customer’s next month’s bill. Thanks!
TJ and Kathryn
Colorado Action Network
P.S. Representatives Solano, Green, Madden, Benefield, Borodkin, Ferrandino, Fischer, Kefalas, Kerr A., Labuda, Levy, Marshall, McGihon, Merrifield, Peniston, Garza-Hicks, Pommer, Riesberg, Todd, and Weissmann are sponsoring HB 08-1160 and do not need to be contacted at this time.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.
http://img.getactivehub.com/images/tellafriend_icon.gif Tell-a-friend! (http://ga6.org/join-forward.html?domain=coactionnetwork&r=u7eVLrd1_l56)

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for Colorado Action Network (http://ga6.org/coactionnetwork/join.html?r=u7eVLrd1_l56E).
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02-02-2008, 12:02 PM
Done, as I'm also a "closet environmentalist left wing nut job" hiding behind the wheel of a gas guzzling old Cruiser :)

We plan to put up a "grid tie in" system with the new house this summer. As I understand it around here I should not have any problem collecting my credits.