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02-01-2008, 07:58 PM
Just wanted to take the time out and send out thanks to the guy's who helped me. you are a neat bunch of men and when I get my nxt FJ I'll make it a point to come there thanks so much for thr support and the things people stepped up to do for me. I consider myself to be a cut abve the average person just for the fact that bieng fair wasit is right instilledin me you feelows make me proud and I have been blessed to have been involved with men such as yourselves. I plan on getting anothjer FJ only hope I get to meet you charectors one day this will happen 3poeple tried to buy today after I promised Annie and she drove all the from Lake Charlse LA one guy had the $$$ and wanted me to sell it before out from under her I would not have sold it to him at any price what a jerk agian thanks would like to stay on maybe I will learn a few things allways willing God bless and hope to meet you fellows soon Annie will be joing the club shortly told her abouy you guy's When she got home she called me and told me she got all teary and her folks loved it And I am good a better person got it and will appreciate it hell of a tomboy this one reminded me of my oldest daughter She is still going to need a flywheel guard and some door seals but You guy's seem to be the big brother type if mine is broke maybe wecan get yous going from parts God I miss that
her email is anniesrides@yahoo.com drop her a line she will be waiying and look out theres a new kid on the block

02-02-2008, 12:28 AM

Congrats on the sale of the 40 :thumb:

02-02-2008, 07:51 AM
Nice follow up Larry. With or without red dirt!

(I lived in hawaii for years, and had a white car while I did, hence that is where the red dirt comment came from)


02-02-2008, 11:10 AM
You guy's are soon to have a new member she is a cutie rminds me of my daughter. I was telling her about your club and she told me she went to Noab with no {4x4} things have changed for her now besides she Knew of you guy's previously. And she can't wait for spring to get to Colorado. Told her to go ahead and register to get her foot in the door I know you guy's will teach her a great deal tomboy that she is. Drove all the way from laffeyette after calling me yesterday so she has the itch. It was a hoot watching her drive this thing and trying to explain for the most part she could idle over stuff in 2cnd gear. It wasn't until I talked her into nailing it through a mudhole full of water curtesy of TX weather that she turned on and looked like a kid with a new toy. She said she allready had your webpaige but I put in the folder for the FJ anyway. I won't lose touch with you guy's. Seems that there is a wealth of exsperience as well a commoradory among you all and again thanks.
May God keep and bless all that you hold dear to your heart as well as keep you in the seat & running
LT. Col. Larry Lambert Ret. S.P. P.S. she is a diehard cruiserhead