View Full Version : Of Cell Phones, Smoke and Mirrors

02-12-2008, 04:06 PM
Not sure how many of you get ORA magazine (4Wheel Parts free mag) but there was a pretty cool article about a Venezuelan jungle adventure trip to Angel Falls...

I meant to scan in the article and post it up but forgot :( - Then I realized ORA has it online :) (I was looking for something else I'll post up later about)

So, if you are interested here are the links to the 3 part story. I was interested in it at first because there was a FZJ80 in it :thumb:, but it turned out to be a pretty entertaining read as well.

Of Cell Phones Pt 1 (http://www.oramagazine.com/pastIssues/0807-issue/index.asp?article=cell-phones)

Of Cell Phones Pt 2 (http://www.oramagazine.com/pastIssues/0907-issue/index.asp?article=cell-phone_part2)

Of Cell Phones Pt 3 (http://www.oramagazine.com/pastIssues/1007-issue/index.asp?article=cell-phone_part3)