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Uncle Ben
02-29-2008, 01:25 AM
Dear Kevin,

After a winter of planning, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is pleased to
unveil our exciting schedule of over 30 diverse projects for 2008.

Come celebrate springtime with WRV by planting native plants and getting your
hands dirty! No experience is required and we promise to feed you really well!

This year, youíll have an opportunity to restore wetlands, streams, forests,
prairies and beautiful alpine tundra, obliterate roads, collect native seeds,
remove invasive plants, build trails, and much more. You can participate in one
day projects, evening projects, weekend camp-out projects, backcountry
wilderness projects, and even a five day project at a wildlife refuge. And,
there's plenty of beautiful Colorado scenery to enjoy.

Our primary theme this year is the restoration of wildlife habitat and the
protection of rare animal and plant species.

Please visit our website at www.wlrv.org. Click on "Projects and Trainings",
then "Current Project Schedule." You can also send email to info@wlrv.org or
call 303-543-1411.

Most volunteers learn about WRV through word of mouth, so please spread the word
and invite friends, family, and colleagues.

I'd like to highlight a few early season projects.

The historic 640 acre Gage Property is nestled in a hidden valley at the edge of
the Great Plains, west of Longmont, with great uninterrupted views of the
foothills. Along a side channel of St. Vrain Creek, volunteers will plant
native willows, other native shrubs, and wetland plants to restore eight acres
of riverside habitat that has been completely denuded by decades of cattle
grazing. Volunteers will also remove hundreds of small Russian Olive trees
along the stream corridor. The result will be increased habitat for a multitude
of wildlife, including the rare Prebles Meadow Jumping Mouse and Bald Eagle.
Need 80 volunteers.

Spring Brook winds through a beautiful grassland nestled at the edge of the
foothills. The area is important for wildlife and offers great views in a
popular open space area. The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks will
be constructing a system of new trails in the Dowdy Draw area, and closing a
network of social (AKA "user created") trails. WRV will close and restore 3,400
feet of eroding social trails to help protect the Spring Brook area. This
project will help protect habitat for the rare birdsfoot violet and Prebles
Meadow Jumping Mouse. At three nearby sites, volunteers will remove invasive
myrtle spurge. This "A" listed weed has escaped from home landscapes onto open
space land. This weed is considered a top priority for eradication in Colorado.
Need 60 volunteers.

The new 600 acre St. Vrain State Park is being created as an oasis of habitat
within a rapidly developing region. WRV has already completed three large
wetland revegetation projects over the past years. In 2008, we will continue
this effort, creating a 45,000 square foot wetland plant community along the
banks of Idaho Creek. Volunteers will install native willow cuttings and over
8,000 sedges, rushes, and other wetland plants. Need 70 volunteers.

Help restore health to Boulder County prairie lands. WRV will continue the
urgent quest to remove Mediterranean Sage from Boulder County. Left unchecked,
this plant aggressively invades grasslands, reduces native plant populations,
and degrades wildlife habitat and the health of prairie ecosystems. Party will
follow at the historic Altona Grange Hall. Need 110 volunteers.

Happy spring!
Ed Self

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
2515 East Sterling Circle, Suite 201
Boulder, CO 80301

Bruce Miller
03-01-2008, 08:57 PM
This is an early April Fool's joke, right?

As a 4 wheeler, what part of "obliterate roads" are you excited about?

This organization is against cattle grazing and for open space.

What's next, the offer of a lifetime membership to the Sierra Club?

Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem management are the key tools the Greens will use to disrupt the American food supply and seize control of our land.

Uncle Ben
03-02-2008, 12:10 PM
This is an early April Fool's joke, right?

As a 4 wheeler, what part of "obliterate roads" are you excited about?

This organization is against cattle grazing and for open space.

What's next, the offer of a lifetime membership to the Sierra Club?

Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem management are the key tools the Greens will use to disrupt the American food supply and seize control of our land.

Sorry but you misunderstand what Wildlands Restoration does! They are not policy makers nor are they the enemy. They simply come into a project and through massive amounts of collective knowledge they simply attempt to repair damage and return damaged areas to a vegitive state. What does happen, however, is not enough of the motorized community takes effort into working with WR so the majority of their projects get supported by Green groups.

Without well organized groups like WRV places like Pawnee Grasslands and even Left Hand Canyon OHV area would simply be closed to all but those on foot or hoof! If you remember back when Trail Ridge Runners got the grant for repair of Left hand it was WRV who spear headed the project and worked with BRD and TRR and revegitated the heavily damaged "playground" area on LHC and stabilized the area so it would quit washing down hill into Left Hand Creek. Without WRV involved in that project the area would have been closed at the access point on Left Hand Canyon Drive!

Know your enemies and know your resources! They are different!

I am proud to be a WRV volunteer!

03-02-2008, 04:50 PM
I have volunteered on a couple WLRV projects with mixed feelings. I love doing that type of work (I used to work for City of Boulder Mountain Parks doing trail restoration/maintance)...but I spend the ENTIRE day defending 4-wheeling. There are some great people and probably 90% are receptive to what I have to say and maybe 40-50% even change their mind as to what a 4-wheeler is. There is a lot of ignorance in that community as to what and whom causes the damage. The downside is that after a day of defending myself, even though I made forward progress defending 4-wheeling, I am drained beyond belief being around such negativity for so long.

Bruce Miller
03-04-2008, 05:37 PM
We share a concern for the environment. One way is to join a WRV project. My way was to plant 200 trees and native shrubs last summer (with no hidden political agenda).

The greens are against everything American, our heritage and our culture. They are all about power and seizing control of America. Our national security and sovereignty as a nation is threatened because so many greens are now part of our political system. They are against capitalism and private property rights.

I am no friend to any green organization.

Iím proud to be a red meat eating capitalist.

03-04-2008, 07:42 PM
That is undoubtedly true of the green 'purists'. The ones running the national organizations. But it would not be true of the greens in our club, most of the greens I work with at the Boulder Ranger District, nor most I personally know. It is not true of Brant Wobig, a Clear Creek Ranger, someone who has done a bangup job of managing OHV recreation in CCRD, and who is a Sierra Club member. It is not true of Ed Self of WRV - and no roads are being obliterated in the above projects.

It may be true of many of the folks who show up on these volunteer projects. My experience parallels Arlo's. The 'energy' is a real drain. It was at the Yankee Doodle Project revegetation phase too, where Carrie and I were the only OHVers to show up (although, mind you, the week prior we had a VERY significant showing closing, you guessed it, social routes, and obliterating them).

It just is not a clear demarcation. Brant, for instance, is a red meat eating capitalist. He takes much of his red meat with a bow. But I agree with your stance opposing extremism.