View Full Version : FJ-40 top and doors

Nash Evans
01-08-2006, 12:23 PM
I have an early model (pre-1975) FJ-40 cruiser top and doors that are extra. This is the complete top with both side pieces, the fiberglass top panel, and the retaining chanel that connects all the above. I also have the back hatch-door, and both the pasenger and drivers doors. All pieces are in good shape with little rust. Much less than the one that I restored for my last FJ-40. I would like to sell all of these for ~$1500, but will consider any reasonable offer. I know that Spicer off-road would sell these same pieces for more than that and then you would have to pay additionaly for shiping from the far west.
I am located in Gold Hill, Co. This is just in the other side of Boulder, so I am in the imediate area. I figured there is someone who is probably driving around in the cold right now and could use these parts. They are blue in color. I can be reached at 720-281-5697, or by e-mail at nash_evans@hotmail.com, or you can post here. Thanks and happy four-wheelin. Cruiser Power!