View Full Version : Kenwood TM-V71A owners thread

03-19-2008, 12:36 PM
Mine just showed up. Don't have anything to add yet. But anyone else with one please post any helpful info.

03-19-2008, 12:59 PM
I have not bought one yet, but it is on my list. I did buy the TH-F6A and am getting to know it.

04-14-2008, 06:50 PM
Installed it today.

Seldom Seen
04-14-2008, 08:16 PM
Looking Good :cool: Kenwood Rules :thumb:

I'll be monitoring the Colorado Connection (http://www.colcon.org/repeaters.html) tonight. Your repeater is the Breck machine (http://www.colcon.org/breckenridge_repeater.html), 146.790 w/ a pl of 123.0. See you on the radio:D