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03-20-2008, 08:50 AM
Thanks for your input!

(Open the node about 10 minutes early. Remember to pause for 3 seconds after keying up before speaking. Listen for traffic, then make the pre-net announcement. “This is (your call sign). The Expedition Portal Net will be starting in approx _______ minutes on the Western Reflector node 9251 )


The Expedition Portal Net is now open. This is (your call sign), net control for (date). My name is _________ and I am located in (City, State). This is a directed net, and all amateurs are invited to join the net. This net meets on the first and third week of the month on Tuesday at 22:00 Eastern Standard Time, 19:00 hours Pacific Standard Time (or daylight time) on the Western Reflector node #9251. The Expedition Portal is a vehicle dependent expedition community; serving adventurers from North, Central and South America. We adhere to the Tread Lightly principles of responsible overland travel. Anyone wishing to become a forum member should view our web site at www.expeditionportal.com for information.

Tonight's topic will be: ______________________________________________

Stations with emergency traffic may break in at any time. Visitors may check in following roll call. Is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time?
Are there any short time or mobile stations wishing to check in at this time?

_______________ _______________ _______________

Stand by for roll call. This is (call sign), net control for the Expedition Portal Forum net.
ROLL CALL (From the web sign up list – If you don’t know the persons name, check the call sign on QRZ.com)

_______________ _______________ _______________

_______________ _______________ _______________

Are there any missed or late member who need to check in? Please give me your call sign slowly.

_______________ _______________ _______________

Are there are any visitors wishing to check in to the net? Please give me your call sign slowly.

_______________ _______________ _______________

_______________ _______________ _______________

COMMENTS FROM CHECK-INS (Start at the top of the check in list)

Are there any other comments or questions before we close the net?
(If there are any comments, repeat the above until our allotted 60 minutes is up. If there is still time remaining, net users may rag chew until the hour is complete)

I’d like to thank the Western Reflector and all the local nodes for allowing us to meet this evening.

This is (call sign) closing the net at __________ PST. 73, and good evening to all.

(Close the reflector node)