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03-20-2008, 12:20 PM
I won't be able to attend tonight, as my wife is in the hospital - hopefully we will be represented.
Next meeting, Thursday March 20th at 5:00pm.
Boulder Ranger District Office, 2140 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder

*Calendar of Events for projects*

1) Schedule Next Meeting - All

2) Grants
Lefthand Restoration Grants, update (Colleen)
Lefthand Challenge Route B Grant, update (Shawn)

3) 4WD Road Signing projects
Bunce School Road (Adam)
Lefthand Upper Five Points, April 26th, 1:00pm, after cleanup (Adam)

4) Adopt-A-Road Projects / Volunteer Projects
Jumbo Mountain access, status (Dave B)
Gold Lake FDR372.1 status (Adam)
Miller Rock Adopt-A-Road agreement (Adam)
Taylor Mnt. gate bypass, buck and rail project (Glenn)
Lefthand FDR286 "Squeeze Rock" road work (Adam)
Lefthand Canyon Cleanup (Adam) need agreement.
Kingston Peak FDR353 (Patty)
Middle St. Vrain FDR114/ Coney Creek FDR507 (Adam) Road opening project.

5) Motorized Trail Signing project (Bill H/ Dave K)
FDT840.1 loop work.

6) Rollins Pass - (Mark)
County Agreement status, Visitor Center status

7) Restoration Projects, FS
Lefthand, Fireman Hill FDR286.D reroute (Brian)
Lefthand FDR286 level 2 maintenance (Brian)
Castle Gulch FDR287 to Upper Five Points level 2 maintenance (Brian)
Carnage Canyon FDR286.A closure (Cat)

8) Bunce School Road - (Glenn)
Private property fencing at entrance.

9) Lump Gulch fuels project
Project is out for scoping.

Any new issues or concerns to work on, or Forest Service projects
related to Boulder Ranger District motorized recreation. - All

Forest Service projects list are online at
Scroll down to find the forest your interested in.
On Hold 2008:
1) Sugarloaf Single Track.
2) Gillespie Gulch access.
3) Transportation Rule, MVU Map.
4) Lefthand Travel Implementation plan.
5) Jenny Creek road signing project update.

Last Meeting:
2) Grants
Lefthand Restoration grant (Colleen)
Early May meeting to plan projects.
Lefthand Challenge Route grant (Shawn)
Working on April 12 review of area.

3) Road Signing
Bunce School Road, cleanup of existing signing. Set project date.
Lefthand, need new numbers for user routes that get added to the
system. Project planned for April 26, 1:00pm (after Lefthand Cleanup).

4) Adopt-A-Road / Project
FDR372, project to open road July 26th, 9:00am. Meet at Millsite
Restaurant at 8:45am.
Miller Rock, sent agreement to Cat.
Taylor Mnt., gate issue, Forest Service will re-fence at gate. Brian to
contact Glenn on possible dates.
Lefthand Cleanup, April 26th at 9:00am.
Lefthand "Squeeze Rock", project to reduce obstacle for access to upper
five points. Review April 26th after Lefthand Cleanup.
Kingston Peak FDR353, setting up something for August.

5) Lefthand Motorized Trails (Bill H, Dave)
Project to sign new motorcycle routes and sign trailheads off of upper
five points. April 26th, 9:00am.
August project to do loop work on 840.1

6) Rollins Pass (Mark)
Presentation by Juanita Straight on Rollins Pass. Sample signs to be
placed along guided route given to FS for approval. Guides being sold at
many locations. Project to replace signs on Boulder side this summer,
mid to end of July. <www.moffatroad.org>

7) Restoration Projects (Brian)
Fireman Hill FDR286.D reroute of hill climb to switchbacks late this summer.
Castle Gulch to Upper Five Points, level 2 maintenance this summer.
Lefthand FDR286, level 2 maintenance past "Squeeze Rock", late summer.
Carnage Canyon FDR286.A will be closed at the end of this year.

To coordinate and implement volunteer projects on the Boulder Ranger
District related to the maintenance of OHV recreation.
Education - Restoration - Information
Test for projects: is it signing? erosion control? restoration?
keeping the public on the route? education? re-establishing closures
of previous decisions?

Adam Mehlberg 3jeeps@cohvco.org 3jeeps@frii.com
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club

03-20-2008, 12:26 PM
I will be there for some to most of it. I have to bail early though.

03-20-2008, 12:35 PM
Awesome, Thanks Isaac! Sorry for not posting up sooner. Things have been crazy.

03-20-2008, 02:14 PM
hope mrs. chili get's better:(

03-20-2008, 05:37 PM
I spoke too soon. Just got off the phone with the dr, and I can get in at 520 for an MRI. Sorry dudes, but the leg has gotta come first.

Uncle Ben
03-20-2008, 06:00 PM
I have a commitment to go to the MOPAC meeting tonight. This usually always is the same night as the BRD meeting thus the reason I can never go....sorry!

03-20-2008, 08:10 PM
[QUOTE=Uncle Ben;67220]I have a commitment to go to the MOPAC meeting tonight. QUOTE]

grease and rendering product recyclers? missouri-pacific railroad? :confused:


03-21-2008, 08:04 PM
Bill they half-spoke for you on the single-track stuff just kind of repeating what you apparently had said at the last meeting. I wrote up a half-assed summary on co4x4 if you haven't seen that yet.