View Full Version : 80 Series wheels on a 60?

04-07-2008, 05:42 PM
I recently took a 3" OME Lift off of a donor 60 (more on that in another thread), for my '83 60, I now want to get new wheels and tires to take advantage of my extra space. I was planning on putting 33x10.5 on 15" wheels, but I found a set of 16x8s, that according to the seller are from a "93-97 Land Cruiser" that are "the same size as stock"

From the little I know about 80s and 60s....the stock wheel for the 80 has a 4.5" backspace and the 60 would have a 3.5" backspace. Would I have any major problems putting the 16x8s on my 60?

What issues would I run into with this and needing spacers?
Am I better off just finding some 15s with correct backspacing?

I am a rookie to a lot of this, any advice is appreciated.



04-07-2008, 06:04 PM
If the '60 is anything like the straight-axle mini trucks, the 4.5" backspacing wheels would barely touch the steering arms in the front and put the tires very close to the frame rails in the back. There's a guy that put some Tacoma 16's on his '81 but he machined the steering rod ends and the rear tire sidewalls would rub against the frame at full-stuff. He put spacers on the back to bring them out a little further.

I was looking at this with my '85 4Runner...I'd love to put some Toyota 16's on it but I'd have to use spacers. I think I'll just stick with my 15x8's with 3.5"
I've seen some Tacoma 16's on an FJ-60. I don't know what it took to get them on. If a 60 can fit 4.5" BS rims, Lucky!! :bowdown:


04-08-2008, 09:45 AM
16" steel Tundra rims (from base models) will fit a disk-brake FJ40 - I tried it in my driveway. They're fairly close to the TRE on the front, but overall fit nicely front and rear.