View Full Version : Free floater WB torque

06-02-2008, 07:45 PM
I am having some trouble getting my rear axle full floater (Dana 60) wheel bearings appropriately torqued. When I tighten them using the "special socket" I still can feel a bit of movement on the rotor when I move it up and down and side to side. This is not a lot of movement, but I can feel it. I have been using the breaker bar to tighten them and this just seems excessive. The rotor does spin nicely however. Any advice?:confused:

06-02-2008, 07:58 PM
:)I took a much closer look and discovered that the rotor is slightly loose, not the hub on the spindle. I will attempt to tighten the Torx fasteners that hold it on, but it should not make much difference because the wheel will push the rotor against the hub flange when the lug nuts are tightened.:)