View Full Version : 88 Toy Daily/crawler

06-06-2008, 03:24 PM
so ive decided to sell my wheelin rig,cause well, i just bought a nice little 01 tacoma(again).i guess i just cant make up my mind.cant sell 'goo so this has to leave the barn.kinda sucks.
heres the specs:
88 reg cab p/u
22re 167k runs great no oil burnin, suprisingly.has a little timing chain noise on startup.but the chain is recently replaced by PO not me.i have a reciept for it.i have completely tuned it up(plugs,wires,ya know that stuff)
5spd(w56) w/centerforce clutch,the thing just grabs.
84 solid axle
for the scoop on the build,i have ALL documents.
truck was built by ORS in golden,completely, no booty fab anywhere.
4" alcans longer than stock,rides like a caddy,flexes VERY well,not sagging at all.
hysteer i think its got marlin arms,and an OTT ind. pitman.
35" bfg muds 1/2 tread or better on 15x10 black rockcrawlers.with 1.5"spacers
rancho 9000's LONG suckers.it does have front hoops and they have been relocated like this / \ in the rear.
all-pro front bumper and ors sliders, no rear bumper( i took it off and deposited it in the nearest dumpster it was a smittybuilt.)
the body is in good condition,it does have trail dings here and there bed has some rust.black and it actually shines up nice.
new windshield
interior is as good as ive seen on an old toyota.it has buckets out of a 95 4runner.and a kick ass little stereo system.
over all it is a great little 88, it drives great.hell i just took it to kansas 2weeks ago flawlessly 1000 mile round trip.
i have the ultimate crawler to go with it,front end rebuild kit from marlin with HD seals and wheel bearings.we can talk about that.
i know there's some stuff im leaving out but if you are interested just call me.
i will put pictures up monday if i can.
the dude i bought it from built it and barely used it,so its not hammered on the trail.i have put 1 trail ride on it.on a very mild trail.
this truck needs to go to someone who will friggin use it for what it is.i can no longer drive this poor thing down I-25 at 70 mph.i feel bad.hence the purchase of the taco.