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Shark Bait
06-13-2008, 08:21 PM
Got this from one of my wife's co-workers. Does someone have a good answer for this guy? Feel free to contact him directly as I will be out at Rubithon the next 10 days. TIA.

have a question that maybe you can answer or direct me to someone who can answer my question. We have a 1994 4-Runner with a 3.0 L V-6 with 150 hp and we have a 1994 Camry with a 3.0L V-6 with 190 hp. The 4 Runner is underpowered and I was wondering if the Camry 3.0 L V-6 with 190 hp would work in the 4 Runner. I like the 4 Runner, but it has 220,000 miles now and a serious rear main seal leak so I was thinking of instead of spending the money for a rear main seal just finding a good used V-6 and replace it. I am interested in your suggestions. Thanks


Eric Johnson

egj1117 @ yahoo.com

06-13-2008, 09:39 PM
Different engines. The Camry had a 1MZ-FE 3.0L V6 and the 4Runner has a 3VZ-FE 3.0L V6. His best option for a swap is the 3.4L 5VZ-FE, it's less work than trying to convert to the 1MZ. Not even sure the Camry engine will mate to the R150 or A430 that would have been in his 4Runner. If his 3VZ has made 220,000 miles then it probably doesn't have the problem headgaskets and IMO probably worth doing some minimal maintenance on it. But even I wouldn't spend a ton of money on the engine necessarily (yeah right, eh Bill?). But he could do a basic refurb of the engine pretty cheap, there's a thread or two on Yotatech about rebuilding a 3VZ using Engnbldr and NAPA parts. Should be significantly under $1000 for a pretty complete rebuild if he's mechanical. Whether or not that's cheaper than a 3.4L swap, probably a wash when you figure in getting a good engine and the swap harness and working through the gotchas. The 5VZ would fill the need for more HP and be the quickest swap, though.

Seldom Seen
06-13-2008, 11:10 PM
What Dave said. The Camry 3.0 is a transverse mounted engine attached to a trans-axle. The 'Runner is in-line and attaches to a tranny. I believe there are some internal similarities but their not swappable. There is, however, a thread on Yotatech on swapping the Camry heads on to the 'Runner 3.0 for more power. IMHO it would be like trying to polish a turd. 3.4 swap would be the way to go.

06-14-2008, 10:17 AM
I just went through this with my truck. Do I spend around $5k and end up with a used 3.4 with over 100K miles or do I go with a rebuilt 3.0 installed for under $4K? Have your friend check out ATLR (http://www.atlr.net). Jesse did a great job on my truck. 2 year unlimited miles warranty.

06-14-2008, 04:33 PM
Good plan. I hear good things about Jesse.
But then you are really stuck with a 3.slo.
A used 3.4 with 100K only has about 150K more left in it though... :rolleyes:

06-15-2008, 05:27 PM
I don't see having a 3.0 as a negative. Will it pull the hills on I-70 @ 80 plus, no. Do I have the need? Nope. My old engine ran great but it blew a cam seal which weakened the bottom end. I took my time figuring out what to do with mine. I am very happy with my decision.

06-16-2008, 08:26 AM
Yeah, I didn't mind my old 3.slo in my 89 XtraCab, it ran OK and got OK mileage.

In Red Chili 1, on the other hand...:eek:

All my 3.slos blew headgaskets. Red Chili 1 did, and roached a motor (it was the wife's vehicle :rolleyes:), before the campaign. It was an uphill battle but we got a new motor. So I could continue to live with it. Yuck.

A 3.4 in an 89-95 truck would be the very best of all possible worlds IMHO. Great mileage, good power, stone reliability, more solid front end, pickup utility.

But your decision makes lots of sense for a DD for sure.