View Full Version : pto winch and drive unit

02-02-2006, 09:35 AM
The machinest I uses has a toyota (off 74 40 series)73 pto winch and drive unit but no shaft to go between the two units. I did not see it. He wants 500 for the winch and drive unit. His name is Bill and he is the owner of Mountain High Perfromance. His phone number is 303-420-6218. He is off ward north of 70, behind the ATS diesel building. Just passing this one for him, I get nothing out of the deal. Just let him know you are part of the Rising sun club.
His shop was formally Lakewood Machine shop on Colfax. He does killer work on many different makes and modles of gas and diesel engines. He has good to fair prices on work. later robbie