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06-22-2008, 10:45 PM
On the way coming back from my 20th 14er (La Plata, adding to the list of Grays (2x), Torreys (2x, incl. Kelso Ridge), Bierstadt (2x), Evans (on bike from Echo Lake), Bross, Lincoln, Democrat (3 in a day last November), Princeton, Pikes, Longs, Quandary, Elbert, Crestone Needle, San Luis, Redcloud, Sunshine, Sherman, Yale, Missouri) I caught this guy on C-470.

The pictures turned out horrible so I'll describe: a Camry pulling a trailer. But there was a vertical spinning object on the trailer. He was doing about 45mph in the MIDDLE lane! :rant: There was a bumper sticker on the trailer that said something about a vertical wind turbine. His license plate was something like W0Isomething something. Coincidence? I think not...:D

I still don't understand what he was trying to do - the increased drag if that thing spinning I would think would offset the amount of energy he's trying to create with the vertical spinning wind turbine. Maybe if it was stationary...

Where's Dave when you need him? :D

I'm getting a new windshield next week BTW...

Shark Bait
06-22-2008, 11:12 PM
Was he wearing a propeller on his head, too? A tin foil hat? :D

06-23-2008, 08:05 AM
With all those 14ers, are you going to join Brian (Seldom Seen) and I doing the HAM 14er event? It is sunday, Aug 10th this year. www.14er.org

06-23-2008, 08:42 AM
maybe ;)

06-23-2008, 11:35 AM
When did you buy a camry matt?

06-23-2008, 12:54 PM
Maybe he was simply transporting the thing? Stationary vertical turbines are available:

06-23-2008, 05:47 PM
He was enriching uranium...

06-23-2008, 08:23 PM
Yes, that is a vertical windmill. They have many advantages over conventional horizontal propeller type windmills.

What he may have been doing was breaking the law of conservation of energy :-)

Or maybe just moving it from point A to point B.

06-23-2008, 08:42 PM
Well it was spinning and it looked permanently attached to the trailer...and I was thinking, "you know, with the extra drag that thing is creating any power you're getting out of it is costing you more in gas mileage than what it's worth"

BUT - maybe he got his point across because now I'm interested in looking into these babies for a more conventional wind power application...

I just thought it was funny that it was a Ham operator that was trailering that crazy thing...:D

06-26-2008, 08:32 AM
He may have been testing it. Driving it around is one way to get a fairly constant prevailing wind.

There was a guy who was designing standard propeller-type wind generators and he just strapped it to the front of his ford pickup on a pole for testing, since you can't always rely on the wind you need on any given day.

06-26-2008, 09:17 AM
That beats the propeller-on-a-receiver any day of the week. :lmao:

Not to mention the always attractive bull balls.