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07-14-2008, 09:49 PM
Next meeting, Thursday July 17th at 5:00pm.
Boulder Ranger District Office, 2140 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder 303-541-2500.

*Calendar of Events for projects*

1) Schedule Next Meeting - All

2) Grants
Lefthand Restoration Grants, update (Colleen) Bunce School Area map and guide, update (Adam/Erin)

3) Adopt-A-Road Projects / Volunteer Projects Kingston Peak FDR353 (Patty) Jenny Creek Kiosk project, July 26 (Bill M) Gold Lake FDR372.1 opening, July 26 (Adam) Lefthand FDR286 "Squeeze Rock" road work (Adam) Castle Gulch FDR287 connector signing (Adam) Lefthand Challenge Route B status (Adam) Castle Gulch FDR287 to Lefthand signing need route numbers (Adam) Miller Rock FDR252,523 erosion project and signing (Adam)

4) Motorized Trail Projects
FDT843.1 loop water bar work (Bill H/ Dave K) West of 5 points new routes, numbers (Cat)

5) Rollins Pass - (Mark)
County Agreement status, Visitor Center status Signing review July 18 (Cat/Mark)

6) Restoration Projects, FS
Fireman Hill FDR286.D reroute, restoration Sept 20 (Brian) Lefthand FDR286 level 2 maintenance (Brian) Carnage Canyon FDR286.A closure Sept 17 (Cat)

7) Bunce School Road
East Entrance private property, update (Glenn)

8) Middle St. Vrain (Cat)
Toilet install at trail head.

Any new issues or concerns to work on, or Forest Service projects related to Boulder Ranger District motorized recreation. - All

Forest Service projects list are online at http://www.fs.fed.us/sopa/state-level.php?co
Scroll down to find the forest your interested in.
On Hold 2008:
1) Sugarloaf Single Track.
2) Gillespie Gulch access.
3) Jumbo Mountain access
4) Jenny Creek road signing project update
5) FR203 T-33 Crash site post/cable road end, add interpretive sign
6) Kiosk for Bunce School Road
7) Stagging area for Bunce School Road east end

Last Meeting:
2) Grants
Lefthand Restoration grant (Colleen)
No status.

3) Road Signing
Waiting on numbers for additions in Lefthand.

4) Adopt-A-Road / Project
Kingston Peak - Tom has left messages with Brent at Clear Creek. They are just waiting for sign locations when the road is clear to get up there (still too many drifts). Possibilities were mentioned about some projects along 505.
Jenny Creek kiosk - project set for July 26, 9:00am meet at Rollinsville store.
FDR372 - project to open road July 26th, 9:00am meet at Millsite Restaurant at 8:45am.
Miller Rock - working on possible erosion control projects, August or September time frame. Needs to include sign replacement as well.
Lefthand "Squeeze Rock" - need to set date.
Middle St. Vrain Bog - project completed June 22nd.
Middle St. Vrain FDR114/ Coney Creek FDR507 - 4WD roads opened on June
23rd. There may be a toilet going in at the host site, so we may need to relocate the host site. This will probably be unlikely however, because the bridges are not rated to accommodate the equipment needed to install the toilet. Chances are the toilet will be relocated somewhere else (maybe Lefthand).
Lefthand Challenge Route - work on route to be done when Fireman Hill work is done.
Castle Gulch FDR287 to Lefthand signing - have numbers from the engineers. Coordinate signing during work day at “Squeeze Rock”.

5) Lefthand Motorized Trails (Bill H, Dave) Project has been changed to do maintenance on newly added routes from the Lefthand Travel Management just west of 5-Points instead of on 843.1. Still need some route numbers for these. Logistics are set.

6) Rollins Pass (Mark)
County Agreement status, Visitor Center status - Nothing new to report on Visitor’s Center. Still waiting to move it to its new location.
Also nothing to report on County’s efforts to reopen the Rollins Pass Road and the Tunnel. Seems like it is not moving forward at the moment.
Trip is still on-track to review sign locations for the historic interpretive trail on July 18.

7) Restoration Projects (Brian)
Fireman Hill FDR286D - On June 25th Brian went up with WRV to look at the re-route and restoration at Fireman’s Hill, and at the new rock-crawl route. All is on-track. The big restoration day is scheduled for Sept 20.
Lefthand FDR286 - level 2 maintenance past "Squeeze Rock". Working on project plans, possible work to be done late June early July.
Carnage Canyon FDR286.A - will be closed September 17th.

8) Bunce School Road
The gated area at Bunce is now operating in a more orderly fashion.
Glenn asked if groups would be willing to help with restoration and barrier efforts at the damaged meadow on private land. Trailridge Runners expressed interest. Glenn also wants to pursue a COHVCO grant to put a map together of the Bunce School Area (due December 12). Greg (with TRR) suggested going into a partnership with Glenn to write the Grant and the Club submit the grant as it would stand a better chance of being funded if it came from a club. Glenn also reported damage from inappropriate motorized use at Pony Lake.

To coordinate and implement volunteer projects on the Boulder Ranger District related to the maintenance of OHV recreation.
Education - Restoration - Information Test for projects: is it signing? erosion control? restoration?
keeping the public on the route? education? re-establishing closures of previous decisions?

Adam Mehlberg 3jeeps@cohvco.org 3jeeps@frii.com Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Secretary

07-14-2008, 09:50 PM
I'll be there.

07-15-2008, 08:12 AM
Dangit dangit dangit - gettin ready for the GTR that night. Sigh.

07-15-2008, 08:24 AM
I *should* be able to be there - probably important, as it is the meeting before the Jenny Creek kiosk rework.

I just want to say,

Thanks for posting this, Nakman!

I have purposely disengaged to an extent, so that there would be room for others to take the ball (or drop it). When a club relies on one guy to do land use, it is not good. But all you fellers have stepped up - taking ownership!