View Full Version : '98 Tacoma SAS/Truggy FS/Trade

07-17-2008, 05:52 PM
First off, hello. This is my first time posting on your forum. Im guessing I've seen some of you around the trails over the past 12 or so years!?!

With added family members, my Truggy needs a new home. Time to get back to the fire roads for a while ;)

* '98 Tacoma SR5 2.7l X cab. >130,000 miles, impeccable maintainance for the past 100,000 miles-- She is just about broke in ;)
-SAS D-44 front Waggy axle, knuckles rotated for a great pinion angle
- Chromo shafts
- Ox joints
- Yukon 5.13 gears
- Lokrite locker
- Warn hubs
- PartsMike HiSteer Super Arms and links
- fresh ball joints and TREs, Newer bearings and seals
- fresh Rancho 44044 springs
- FRORF hangers/shackles/all modifided.
- Bilstein 14" shocks
- BTF diff cover
- Stock non-terd 8.4" housing trussed to hell and back. Never had 1 issue and its seen some pretty tough chit!
-Yukon 5.29 gears, Lockrite
-Custom length Alcan dual Orbit Eye springs, 2" custom shackles
-On and on
Drive train/get N go
- Stock taco 2.7l case and 5 speed, twin sticked
-Marlin 4.7 doubler case. Stupid slow 252:1 or so crawling!
-120 wall rear DS, 120 square front
-Downey headers, custom intake.
- Its a strong happy 2.7L!!!!
-Custom 626 seats
-re-enforced frame [nearly front to rear]
-38.5 SX rubbers on bead locks
-mismatched set of 35" tires on steelies for the street
-Full DOM exo cage
-Chopped beat to hell bed
-UWS Tool box
-Warn 9000I winch [nego. pending low ballers]
-Custom bumpers BPI [rear-1 of O kind] and FRORF [front- again, only 1 like this]
Yada... The list never ends! :D
I have a truck load of spare parts for anything you will ever need to go along with it. From springs, steering boxes [2], pitman arms, rad, fan, spare shafts [front and rear], TREs, ball joints, hubs, diff covers, clutches, drive shafts, front sway bar [never installed] a 1.5" hydro assist "farmer" ram which was never installed W/ some lines and cooler. Just need to drill and tap one of the spare boxes. Heck, there is prob well over a grand worth of parts!?!

This is a very trail ready rig, up for anything you can toss at her!!!! Go big with sum 40s or drive it every day with a new set of 35-37s. This rig can still go either way, and still kick a whole lotta ass off road!!
Pretty sure I didnt list 1/2 the mods I've done...

"asking" price is $6000 OBO
I have well over $25,000 invested
Willing to trade for a mild modded capable grocery getter for the wife to drive and still play some weekend warrior. Heck, whatcha got to trade???
PM for more info
A few pics/vids in action---
Click HERE (http://www.actionjackson.com/buggy/trailrun.asp?TrailRunID=12)
Right Click Save As HERE (http://www.projectxj.com/videos/indy4.wmv)