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07-23-2008, 08:41 AM
Thought you would appreciate the opportunity to help INCREASE the number of trails in Colorado! Send a letter of support today, will ya?

Re: grant support


Dear Friends:

The Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA) in cooperation with the Grand
Junction Field Office of BLM (GJFO) have submitted two grant proposals for
the cycle B of Colorado State Parks OHV grants cycle. These grant
requests, have been developed jointly by TPA, GJFO and Pan Pacific
Services. The objective of the grants is to provide funding to provide
signing, monitoring and visitor services for the motorized portions on the
Bangs Canyon and Gateway recreation areas in Western Colorado. Together
these recreation areas cover 225,000 acres, and will provide hundreds of
miles of new and newly developed Jeep trails, ATV trails and single-track
opportunities in a legal and manager setting.

TPA will secure and manage the grant funds, Pan Pacific Services will be
contracted to provide the on the ground services, and GJFO will oversee
the operations.

A hearing will be held on August 14, 2008 with oral presentations to the
grants sub committee that will help decide who gets the available grant
money. Your letters of support are urgently needed to illustrate the
publics? support for well manager off- road opportunities for the local
residents and vacationers who visit western Colorado.

For more information call Jim Cooper@ Pan-Pacific Services 970 216 9587.

Your written letters of support are urgently needed to help us secure this
Please Mail letters to : Pan Pacific Services
160 Little Park Rd.
Grand Junction CO 81503

Or email to: panpacificservices@bresnan.net (panpacificservices%40bresnan.net)