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07-31-2008, 09:42 AM
From the ARRA:
Massive CR

A massive CR has nothing to do with a medical condition, but rather it is the description of what Congress will do in terms of funding the operation of the federal government when the new fiscal year begins October 1, 2008. Normally, Congress would enact specific appropriation measures for the various departments, but whenever it fails to complete work in time for the fiscal year to begin, it takes the easy route and passes a "continuing resolution" which means that agencies will be funded at the same level in the new fiscal year as they were in the previous year. Call it "status quo" funding, if you will.
Mind you, there is nothing wrong with this legislative approach. If fact, some policy experts prefer it since continuing resolutions tend to limit the growth of federal spending. But to show how the stalemate over energy policy has affected the appropriations process, Senate Democrats recently cancelled a mark-up session on the Interior Department's appropriations measure for fear that Republicans would use that appropriation measure as a vehicle to offer amendments on energy issues. Senate Democrats decided that the best course of action was no meeting at all rather than being forced to vote on some tough amendments.
We are, however, making some progress in the House Appropriations Committee. As the following chart indicates, the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee is recommending an increase in funding for the Forest Service Recreation and Trail programs over what was recommended in the President's budget submission for FY 2009. A number of ARRA members have contacted their Members of Congress on this issue and we are making some headway because of your diligence. For those of you who haven't yet contacted your Representative or Senator on this funding issue, it not too late to let them know what you think. Take action today on the ARRA Website (http://www.arra-access.com/campaign/support_funding_trails_rec/85xsk3brp7dj6mbd?).
Agriculture - Forest Service
Three-Year Summary of Appropriations

FY 2007 Enacted| FY 2008 Enacted |FY 2009 Pres Budget |House Subcommitee Recommendation FY 2009
Recreation, Wilderness & Heritage
258,797,000 | 262,635,000 | 237,000,000 | 278,512,000
73,362,000 | 76,365,000 | 50,041,000 | 78,888,000

Take a look at what the President proposed. So the OHV rule is mandated, but funding is slashed so they cannot do a proper job of it, including existing trails - but rather, simply close them?


Let your wishes be made known.