View Full Version : anyone have a GPS track for Red Cone

08-03-2008, 02:22 PM
Looking for a Red Cone GPS track in GPS exchange format (Non Garmin proprietary)

08-03-2008, 05:49 PM
This sound right

14.1 Miles after Baily turn right on Rt 60 into Hall Valley

about 2.5 miles from the turn off, there is a Y for left to Webster or the Right we will take

Looks like this is called Burning Bear Trail

Looks like 4.2 miles to what I have thought of as the meadow, but is called Geneva park

Then 4.6 miles to Red Cone itself. Down the step grade and go right to take the rood to Montezuma (Webster Left, Radical Hill straight)

5 miles up the road, there is a Y that you take to Montezuma.

Take the main road to the left and on into Keystone.

If Websters open, take that back to 285 base on group decision

08-03-2008, 06:22 PM
Checking my old fashioned handwritten-in-the-margin (in Wells' book) notes and consulting my old fashioned paper maps...

From the 285 side I think you to follow the Sawmill Gulch drainage. So FR120/CR60 from US285, right on FR565. At the end of the improved dirt road (FR120), you have three options. FR565 is to Red Cone, FR121 is to Webster Pass and FR126 goes to Missouri Mine and dead ends. I believe there is a gate on the trail to Red Cone. At the top of Red Cone, the trail after coming down the steep section will lead towards Webster Pass and you have two options, FR285 to Montezuma or the jeep trail to Radical Hill. It should be obvious, stay right and keep going downhill for Old Webster Pass Road to Montezuma or start climbing a narrower, harder trail to Radical Hill. Basically coming down from Red Cone, you should follow the Snake River all the way to Keystone. You can get back to Montezuma from Racial Hill, if you chose that way. The trail is FR5 and turn right from the top of Radical. This is a pretty popular road for mountain bikes coming up from Keystone.

I don't think you want Burning Bear. I think that's a no go for motorized vehicles. That's FR601. You will also cross FR600, which is the South Park trail, which you can hike over from Geneva Creek. But that's off of Guanella Pass, that's not what you want. We've skied both of those trails in the winter from the Guanella side. Fun, fun, fun!

BTW, Trails Illustrated #104 covers all of the trail and options, with only the first couple of miles on FR120/CR60 not showing up on it.

08-03-2008, 06:47 PM
Thanks Dave. I'll go get my wells book. Was just going off of my GPS software maps.