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08-05-2008, 07:01 PM

Meeting began with a moment of silence for Dee Salazar, who died in
an off road accident when a jeep driven by John Archuletta rolled
on July 4th. They were association members from the western slope.

Jessica Mast was the scholarship recipient this year. She is also
from the western slope and will be attending a state college and
studying Art.

This year's election seats are president, treasurer, vice
presidents for central and western districts and ufwda delegate.
Nominations so far are
pres - shelley
treasurer - charlene laws
vp central - cory moul
VP western - perry reed
ufwda - none
If anyone is interested, contact myself or Shelley Surface.

2008 raffle vehicle is almost done. Ticket sales are going well.
I have bundles for anyone that is interested in selling them.
Remember, this isn't for just another club...this is for the state
association and is for land use and scholarship funds.

Speaking of land use...COA4WDCI donated $2000 to COHVCO. A check
was presented to Jerry Aboud,who had come to speak about a few

Jerry Aboud spoke about Tiger teams (been discussed numerous times
here...if you have questions, just ask myself or the land use
guys), the ohv act (roadless rule), and the ohv permit sticker

On 7/25 the Dept of Agriculture finally published the roadless
rule, after 13 months. This rule determines how mapped roads are
managed. This impacts us because we want to make sure all existing
trails are mapped (hence, the Tiger Teams)and exempt from the rule
and that local forest service is allowed to manage it.
As for getting all trails mapped, we are down to about 6 months to
get this done!

The Rule also has a DEIS (draft environmental impact study)
attached to it. This will need to be commented on seperately from
the Roadless Rule, BUT it hasn't been released yet. Kind of hard
to comment on something that's not out. The tricky thing is, the
comment date will probably end the same day as the ending comment
date for the roadless rule (10/23/08). We have no way to comment
on what survey stuff is incorrect in the DEIS until we see it.

This program was actually implemented 18 years ago and requires all
ohv's (licensed 4wd vehicles included) to purchase an ohv permit.
This was the only way to raise trail money before there was an RTP
tax on fuel. No one has really done it on licensed rigs and the
forest service has a non chalant attitude about it and it's never
been an issue...until now.

For the most part, all states and had reciprical agreements
regarding ohv permits (i.e. if you have a colorado ohv permit on
your atv, you didn't need to purchase one in new mexico to ride
there), but Wyoming recently decided not to acknowledge other
states permits, so now, it's coming to the forefront again.
Technically, we can be required to purchase a permit for each
vehicle that is used on the trails. It would be policed by the
local authorities (if you are on a forest service road, forest
service would write the ticket...if you were just coming off a
forest service road, sheriff would write the ticket, etc) and
federal police can adopt state law and could also write the ticket.
Of the ticket money, half would go to the ticketing authority,
not to trails. Also, while there is a rule that keeps government
from using the money raised from permits in their general fund, it
would be a fight involving legislation to actually keep that from

General thoughts are to continue the way we've been going (not
purchasing permits) and if it becomes an issue, than the 4wd
community should try to get it repealed by stating that we already
pay taxes into a similar program.

Someone brought up special license plates that might cover the
fees. Someone else also thought any registration and fuel taxes
must go to the highway users tax fund and wouldn't go to trails
programs. That will have to be looked into.

Chris and Paula Andolsek may be able to lump that into a program
they are looking into, which is a special OHV license plates (along
the lines of the Columbine, Collectors, etc plates). Right now,
it's in the early stages, working on collecting signatures to get
it presented. They do have a Representative that is willing to
bring it up if we can get 3000 signatures. I have a sheet that I
will bring to the meeting and the rally. Currently the plan is to
raise money for another land use fund.

United 4wd Assoc. learned that they owe the tax man $21,000, a
major financial deficit for them. Karla has created a task force
to review national land use issues. Finances are down right now,
probably because of the change up in how they do business, but that
was expected.

COA4WDCI needs to be more visible. No one asks for sponsorship
from us for events and we really don't participate in many events.

Possible suggestions (in addition to 4wd events) are blood drives,
parades, food drives, meals on wheels. We are working on a
business card sized ad to put in various local papers/newsletters.

Also, we've decided to open up Exectalk to anyone who wants to know
what's going on in the association. This is the mailing list that
all the delegates for the clubs use. If you would like to join,
get me your email and i'll have you added.

The scholarship fund will now get 10% of the raffle vehicle money
to help boost it.
Originally, we were sending two delegates to the United
conferences, but there really is no use, so in an effort to save
money, we will only send one delegate, but will continue to have
two. One primary and one alternate. Delegates must be United
members through COA4WDCI.

We didn't originally have term limits. Now, there is a three term
limit (each term is two years). Limits can be exceeded if there is
no one else running.

On new members only, if they join after the 3rd quarter meeting,
they will be granted membership to COA4WDCI for the rest of the
year free. This will not include United.

We will be creating a privacy statement informing members that
their info will not be sold/given away/etc.

Committee persons are no longer able to apply for mileage refunds.

Due to issues with the Wheat Ridge Post office, the po box has been
moved to P.O. Box 150434 Lakewood, CO 80215-0434.

Ute Pass Iron Goats has officially adopted Chinaman Gulch and is
preparing for the ohv grant presentation.

Fourth quarter meeting may possibly be catered by Texas Roadhouse,
there currently is no location, however. There currently are no
clubs set to host any of the 2009 meetings.

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