View Full Version : Artistic People Needed!

08-12-2008, 11:13 AM
Hulk, Hog, Root, are you guys listening?

Our race team is considering new graphics, but other than Terry, none of us are even remotely artistic.

We race as 'Tami and The Mud Pigs' or simply 'The Mud Pigs' if we race as a hot-dog only team.


The current graphic:


Which is cool, really very cool, and very detailed (it was originally a full size watercolor). But we think it's time to maybe doing something new.

Whatcha got?

We have previously given the artist a free jersey or shirt and have been tempted to sell them. This current art always gets a few questions about where it came from and I do believe she made some money off of it in a magazine or two. Despite being cheap bastid dirtbags, mountain bikers are generally suckers for a cool jersey.