View Full Version : Fuel Canister check and EGR -Code 401 issues

09-09-2008, 04:17 PM
First Item:
I have been getting an occasional code 401 on my scangage (with a resulting check engine light). I decided to do some trouble-shooting today, testing the EGR Vacuum Modulator and the EGR Valve. With the FSM in hand, I discovered I had a missing vacuum line. It is the line between the EGR Vacuum Modulator (brown valve in the photo attached) and the EGR. Look closely and you can see the vacuum ports and no line! I do not know how long this has been missing, however it might be worth a check our your 80 series if you are getting "Check Engine" lights and code 401 (Exhaust Gas Recirc Flow Insufficient). Subsequent checks of the EGR indicated it was operating properly. I just need to replace the vacuum line.

Second Item:
Several of you have mentioned "fuel smell" and high pressure in your fuel tanks when removing the cap for fueling. I too have had the same experiences. Again, using the FSM, I did the tests on the fuel canister. I found that the port from the tank to canister was not open. The remaining lines (Purge Pipe and Drain Pipe) were open. I followed the FSM and blew pressurized air at 43psi into the Tank Pipe while blocking the Purge Pipe. A puff of dust blew out of the Drain Pipe and the blockage was clear. The Tank Pipe has some restriction, however it is now open to vent the tank.
Note, I did not have to remove the canister and this is a very simple fix for the problems noted above.

Thought this info might be useful to the FZJ-80 owners. Terry