View Full Version : New FJ40 4.5" lift/susp kit for sale-Denver

Air Randy
09-11-2008, 05:36 PM
I bought the Manafre 4.5" deluxe suspension kit 3 weeks ago and installed it on my FJ40. I drove it once or twice around the block and parked it in the garage again. Then I ended up replacing the entire suspension again with a SOA setup. Long story. So, I have almost all of this kit for sale. I have the leaf springs, bushings, u-bolts, shackles, greasable bolts, SS brake lines, etc. Everything except the shocks & steering stabilizer, which I would like to keep.

This kit was on sale for $785 plus shipping (like $120 for that). Other than having some greasy finger prints on them, everything in the kit is new. The shocks & stabilizer sell separately for $49 each so if I deduct $250 for those that equals $535 and I'll round it down to $500 or best offer. If you want the kit and just have to have the Heckethorn shocks I will include those for $650 or best offer.

I am driving from Denver to Cottage Grove, Oregon next week via Salt Lake City. If you are somewhere along the way I could arrange a drop off.