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Caribou Sandstorm
09-12-2008, 09:47 PM
SonicFJ Re: Bajarack FJ buildup advice for SEMA 2008 Show

This guy knows his stuff. I am thinking pakistani delivery vehicle with mud theme. Go for it!

gericurl76 previously said:
The rule at any trade shows is booth girls.

I know it's sexist and lame (kind of )
but if you want dudes in your booth hire some hotties, verse them on everything about your rack so they can talk to dudes that are staring at their racks.
Don't get cheap girls, and find a line not to cross with their "uniforms" don't make them into hookers, but don't waste the sex that sells.
I'm thinking hiking boots, daisey dukes, really "nice" t-shirts that say bajarack. Don't overdo the make-up, but hippies aren't sexy. Hair in braids or something sexy yet sensible.

Thinking out loud here: If you want to stand out among all the trucks that shine, and you are pitching rugged. Maybe you should haul in buckets of mud and dirty up the truck. It will be the only one, and if the girls are a little muddy, bonus.

Give your sponsors the light they deserve, but even they should not expect anything more than being secondary to your product. Don't paint your skids electric yellow or anything. Work them subtly into the color scheme of the truck. (maybe consult a good graphic designer, be wary of small time vehicle wrap bros., basically not hobbyists, but professionals.)

The custom paint/color and graphics are a MUST! (even if you go with mud lol)

A snorkel is cheap, people love and hate it. I think at SEMA there won't be a ton of haters.

It would be cool if you could build faux rocks or something that led up to the top of the FJ and people would walk up the "steps" and end up standing in the rack somehow. It would show the strength of the rack and force an interaction with the product that you can't get walking AROUND it having a look.

It would be funny on the other hand to overload the rack a ridiculous amount (even if it is fake weight) but a huge bundle on top that dwarfs the FJ to highlight the rack make sure there is the cliché kitchen sink in the bundle.

Put some beadlocks on it. Some hardcore dudes might not look at you twice without them.

It's getting late and I have a bunch of graphics to do myself. good luck. Hope I can go to SEMA this year and see what you come up with.

09-13-2008, 12:23 PM
That's good stuff.