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09-21-2008, 12:55 AM
So I am starting my job search again. I have recently been working in Operations Management. What is that you say? Basically it is using your current resources to maximize profit. Optimization, efficiencies, etc. Making $ without spending and additional $. This also includes strategic planning, data analysis, and management skills.

I would like to remain in Ops Mgmt, or move into something a little more on the Data Analysis side of things. I have worked in management before and hold my MBA. An Ops position can be in nearly any company. It is typically found in manufacturing, transportation, and staffing. Basically any company that wants to keep costs minimized likely does some sort of Operations.

Also have a background in Healthcare Administration. For those who didn't know what Ops Mgmt is, Health Admin covers a wide range of areas. Basically anything not directly tied to patient care. Accounting, finance, IT, policies, regulations, staffing, etc. I fall into the policies, regs, staffing, etc group.

If anyone has any ideas or leads, they would be greatly appreciated! I am on LinkedIn if anyone is interested in joining my professional network.


11-12-2008, 07:26 PM
Still looking to date. Nothing solid even though I have had some promising leads.

So I have created a target list of companies that likely have the positions that I am seeking and are in the industries that I am experienced/educated in. Maybe someone will find something here that rings a bell? I am not limiting myself to these specific companies, they are just examples of target companies that I my skills and knowledge could fit into.

Kaiser Permanente
HealthOne (Swedish)
United Healthcare
Medical Group Management Assoc.
Thomson Healthcare
Spalding Hospital
Craig Hospital
Vital Signs Colorado
Triumph Hospital
CCS Medical
Mc Kesson Corp
Aspen Healthcare Metrics

Forward Air
Burlington Northern
Graebel Movers
Johnson Moving and Storage
Knight Trucking
Penske Truck Leasing
US Postal Service
Smart Move, Inc.

First Data Corporation
Stolle Machinery
Mc Graw-Hill
Lincoln Building Corp
Ch2m Hill
Lerch Bates Inc.
Luchetta Operating Company
Saunders Construction Inc.
Systems View
Trautman & Shreve Inc.
Seven Up Bottling Group
Koala Corporation
VISTAR Corporation
J-W Machinery
Thomson Reuters
Denver Water
Charter Global Inc.
WIS International

And any College/University... I could teach as I have my MBA and business experience...