View Full Version : FJ40 Emissions Issue

10-03-2008, 07:05 PM
So I had to go to the Emissions Tech Center to get a DR2365 vehicle evaluation form (basically a form indicating what emissions standards I fall under) because I have a SBC 350 in my 78 FJ40 and I was told I needed to pump air straight into the exhaust manifold in order to pass. I have an air pump on unfortunately, the PO welded the injection point into the exhaust pipe instead of the manifold. Apparently that is too far from where the exhaust comes out of the block.

The tech center gave me the name of a guy who could drill the manifold and weld in a removable air rail but I wanted to see if any of you had other solutions. Is there a stock manifold with an air rail that I can grab from a junkyard for cheaper? Is there another solution? I am running a carb right now but eventually want to put in TBI and donít know if that would negate the need for the air pump. If that is the case would my money be better spent there?

I also have clearance issues because of the steering box so the solution canít be too big.

Thanks for your help.