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10-17-2008, 10:15 PM
I will start since I am finished now.

I wasn't hunting on my first trip, but here is a link to a 11mb poor quality video of me calling a bull in. I was 7 miles in on foot in the La Garita Wilderness area during muzzle loading season (near Machin lake). The video starts with a moose that was near my camp. The bull snuck in behind me real close the next morning and threw me off guard. They always seem to find a way to do this. Then he hung around after the encounter and barked at me for about 45 minutes while the main bull across the valley took his cows up to timberline to feed.

This week the 3 of us went up 1st season rifle on the low side of the flat tops. We had been seeing a herd with 4 bulls. One of which was a large herd bull. They bugled to me a little the first morning before we spooked them, but that was it for bugleing. Then the second morning (Sunday), we were each able to take a bull with the larger herd bull getting away. Seemed reasonable to me.

We had a lot of bear activity but they didn't mess with our meat at camp. I tried to get a picture of one on my elk carcass at about 75 yards but my old camera didn't have the zoom power (or battery power when cold). With all the leaves on the pinion and oak brush, the animals would appear and disappear quickly. Note the picture with what appears to have nothing in it. I can assure you there is a bear there somewhere.

We de-bone and pack all the meat down the mountain in two trips including gear. It's a lot of work hunting here but we usually all fill and have a good time. Sorry, but my friends have instructed me to keep the location quiet.

I was able to fit the 3 of us, 3 large coolers and 3 backpacks and gear inside the 4Runner with the antlers on the roof rack. No picture of that due to camera battery issues again.

I will be interested to see how others do this year.

10-18-2008, 09:47 AM
Looks like a great trip Scott. :thumb:

I don't hunt, but I "shot" this guy in my yard two days ago. He had a huge harem with him. He was bugling up a storm too.


10-18-2008, 08:01 PM

Your photo is killin' me; I could slip an arrow just behind that right shoulder...;)

10-20-2008, 10:35 AM
Equal time! Equal time!!!

Went on two antelope hunts this year! Took my wife on the first, and she got her first big game. Field dressed it and quartered it herself, too, with no incipient hurls either. Atta girl! This was after three great hunts that she orchestrated; she really 'gets it' about figuring out antelope behavior and anticipating it. On one of the hunts, she taught me a thing or two. On the successful hunt, she did a great sneak and got within 100 yards. If you know antelope wariness, sense of smell, and keen eyesight, this was NO MEAN FEAT. Dropped the doe where she stood, shooting through the grass. She never knew what hit her.

VERY proud of her. :Princess::Princess::Princess::thumb:

I got two goats. My freezer was about full to busting.

So then Squishy got a Friday and Saturday off in a row, so this last weekend he and I went back up. We did some good hunts Friday afternoon, but the morning hunt Saturday was a great one. We got within 30 yards of four does as I saw them looking back at me through the binoculars, trying to figure out what that orange bump in the grass was - I had a shot but did not take it because I wanted it to be Justin's hunt, and did not know he did not have a shot. No matter, when they finally spooked Justin took a shot at 250 yards and got his animal.

That afternoon we did a great sneak and I got within about 70 yards of two bucks and four does. Two more were even closer, but I could not see them through the grass, and dared not pop up. They could tell something was up, but had no idea where I was or what I was. Dropped her where she stood when I finally got a clear shot around some sagebrush. Gotta love .300WSM knock down power.

So that afternoon was spent sitting around the camper, enjoying the afternoon and some barley pop with my son, and doing our ranch host a favor by plinking prairie poodles with an AR-15 and Justin's .300WSM. Overkill... :eek: The handloads I worked up for the AR-15 would not chamber properly... gotta figure that one out... probably just .005 too much cartridge length. But Justin made a 1200 yard shot that came up short only by a little bit. :eek: :eek: Windage was right on; only elevation was at fault. Gotta love .300WSM reach.

Gotta get used to the kid outdoing his old man I guess. :bawl:

Here's to hoping there is not ANOTHER attempt to outlaw the ammunition we used in the next four years... :beer:

Now I gotta find more freezer room!! :lmao:

Did I mention doing a military crawl for 30 yards through cactus is not one of my favorite things? :lmao: :lmao:

Jenny Cruiser
10-20-2008, 11:33 AM
Equal time! Equal time!!!

Gotta love .300WSM knock down power.

But Justin made a 1200 yard shot that came up short only by a little bit. :eek: :eek: Windage was right on; only elevation was at fault. Gotta love .300WSM reach.

.300WSM on Speed Goats:eek: What scope are you using?

10-20-2008, 02:28 PM
4.5-14x50mm Burris Ballistic Plex. He was using a 3-9x40mm BP. But he was not taking speedgoats at 1200 yards, it was only a fun target shot at some varmints. Who immediately closed the hatch and sounded the 'DIVE!' gong.

The longest speedgoat shot that has brung home the meat has been around 400 yards in the Morgan clan. Beyond that, too many things (mirage effect, heat distortion, rapidly increasing drop, any movement by the animal in the 5 minutes it seems to take to get there) become pretty complicated IMHO. Not to mention the rarity of a still Wyoming day. But it was still THAT day and I was mightily impressed. The ballistics on a 150gr. .308 Sierra Game King launched from a .300WSM on a hand load are sweet indeed. The noses do tend to blunt in the magazine from the recoil though. Hmmm...

It was a prone shot, not offhand. Only Quigley Down Under could do it offhand. Those guys really could though, it was not just Hollywood.

The AR has an 18X scope. If you wanna see the effect of your heartbeat on accuracy take a look through 18x at something 1K yards away sometime. :eek: Even with a bipod. :eek: :eek:

10-21-2008, 09:08 AM
Way to go Bill. Sounds like good family fun. That type of hunting would be new to me. Sounds fun. A completely differently deal than elk hunting in the mountains for sure.

10-21-2008, 11:24 AM
Fun hunting for the lazy man! I admire your elk hunting prowess. I have to find a style that doesn't fry me, I love elk meat.

10-21-2008, 11:29 AM
.300WSM on Speed Goats:eek: What scope are you using?
BTW, Mrs. Chili used a .243 Rem. via an inexpensive Savage rifle, with a Burris 3-9x40mm BP scope. That is a very sweet round, inexpensive, good ballistics, very accurate, very little recoil (it would not do to launch one's ultralight sweetie on her butt with every shot).

She was hitting the gong at 500yds. at the range before the trip. EVERY time. I live with a bunch of folks just determined to show me up... LOL