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10-21-2008, 08:21 PM
Hi All,

So I have decided to part ways with my project 55 as I just dont have the time or money to work on it anymore. It's got lots of rust, but has been garaged since I bought it a few years ago. I think I got most of the info below, but let me know if you'd like additional pics or info. Cruiser is in Estes Park, CO. Picture link below, let me know if you would like other photo's of the cruiser.

As for price, I haven't had much movement on the cruiser, and due to the large amount of rust it may end up just being a donor vehicle for someone that needs a bunch of parts. So, I'd sell with or without the 8274. Price with would be 1050, without would be 600. I think there's a good 600 dollars worth of parts in the cruiser.


1974 FJ55

-Front Disc (done by PO), might have been an axle swap, as the axles on both front and rear are the fine spline
-Small block Chevy engine done by the PO. Casting #'s are 14J205976 V0329CMR, so either a 350 or a 305?? Carter AFB 4 barrel carb.
-4 speed toyota transmission. Not sure what gears its got in it. As far as I was able to tell from other posts on the forum, I guess you have to acutally pull it apart to tell??? I think this was the first year the 4spd came out, and it was paired with the 1F engine, so maybe its got the lower gears? Anyone know of a way to tell?
-Pretty much worn out 33x12.50 R15 Cooper Discoverer STT tires.
-Older Warn 8274 winch.
-Have title, no idea how many miles are on the vehicle

Photo's Here: http://picasaweb.google.com/hobogoesrogue/FJ55

Work that I've done to the cruiser:

-Rebuilt rear axle w/ new outer seals and bearings. Also rebuilt the rear brake cylinders along w/ new shoes.
-Rebuilt front axle w/ new seals and knuckle bearings, as well as new seals on the calipers, and new pads.
-Rewired the alternator to remove the old toyota regulator and fix "previous owner" syndrome w/ the wiring
-I have 2 batteries that were meant for dual battery system, but haven't found the time to install them both.
-Rebuilt the carb and put in new plugs and wires, and new fuel filter.
-New lower radiator hose as well as new fluid and a bit of stop-leak for a pinhole leak in the radiator
-Replaced the tie rod end seals as they were pretty well shot.
-removed the bent rear bumper and cut some off of the front to remove the bent parts.
-Removed all the old wiring from the SBC install, as the previous owner left the toyota regulator in the system.

What this cruiser needs(or at least comes to mind first):

-Mostly a ton of body work. I have the drivers side door off as one of the hinge mounts rusted through. The wheel wells as well as the front quarter panels of the car have a fair amount of rust on them. The hood is in pretty good shape. The running boards are also pretty rusted out, and the front body mounts have rusted through the floor.
-New or rebuild brake master cylinder. I have the old core that went out.
-New exhaust...I have a used 3" dual in single out muffler yet to be installed, but was waiting to do that until the body work is done, at least under the car.(old exhaust was done really poorly, and only one of the 2 muffler's is still holding on.
-A new starter, existing one works, but not all that great.
-new bushings on the rear springs.
-new tires at some point
-new front seats (or at least some good seat covers)
-Head liner needs to be worked on or replaced.

Other thoughts:

-winch seems to work well, though the free spool know is stuck in, so you have to use the remote to feed out cable.
-since I bought this car a few years ago I would be supprised if I have driven it a mile. There has been so much to do on it, and I have realized i just dont have the time.
-leaks a bit of engine oil, but not a horrible amount.
-not sure if its a 305 or 350, but the engine has the rams horn exhaust manifolds on it. Still seems to pull pretty good. Cant speak to whether it has any heating issues, as I havent driven it that much.
-Pretty sure that the diff's are 411's, though not positive.
-for what little I drove it, 4wheel and low seem to work well. The 33's only just rub on the front left bent fender at full articulation. tires are on 15x9 (or 10, not sure) inch rims I believe.
-Engine usually started right up, especially if it had been started in the last week or so. If I let it sit for a while, it took some cranking to get it going.