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12-01-2008, 11:27 PM
I'm copying this from ih8mud:

Please save Johnson Valley OHV Hammers

Please drop a line to the Military and help save the our offroad park. Have you ever experienced the famous hammers trail or do you ever want to run it? Does your family enjoy the great outdoors and 4x4 wheeling? Please help it will only take a minute and might save one of the last offroad parks remaining in California.

Here is a sample letter to cut and paste and here is a web address to send it to before January first.

E-mail: SMBPLMSWEBPAO@usmc.mil
Comments must be received by Jan. 31, 2009, for consideration in the Draft EIS.
To whom it may concern: Please do not expand the 29 Palms Military Base into Johnson Valley OHV park. We have enjoyed taking our family to the Park for years and hope to have a place for our Children and future generations to enjoy. My kids learned to ride at the park and we do support the local economy of Yucca, 29 palms, Landers, and Johnson Valley when we venture out to the park. I do support the military and our country. Please consider east expansion and leave us our treasured off road park. This would pose and economic hardship on the community and take away the one of the only areas remaining for our children to experience the great outdoors and great family and community gatherings. Sincerely,

This is one of those trails I have always wanted to run.