View Full Version : TWS is certainly active, now that they have a friendly atmosphere

12-04-2008, 12:20 PM
From the latest Wilderness Society newsletter:
Working with 29 prominent conservation organizations, we've
produced a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for
President-elect Barack Obama's transition team that apply to
each federal land management agency. Our president, Bill
Meadows, has met with transition team members working on public
lands issues. And our public policy experts are briefing
congressional staff as they prepare legislation to address
climate change, green jobs, conservation, energy efficiency and
renewable energy. We've also made policy recommendations for the
creation of green jobs to be considered in the job-creation
economic stimulus package that the congress is working on, and
that President-elect Obama has asked be considered in January
when the 111th Congress convenes.

Think your donations to Blue Ribbon and United and USA-ALL are not important? Think again. TWS knows the political process and they are political animals - and they now have a welcome mat and receptive ears for lobbying.

Of course, not all that they would recommend would we have a whit of disagreement about. But when it comes to ORVs as they like to call us, it is beyond hostile. Forewarned is forearmed.