View Full Version : Diesel 80 in Boulder!

02-25-2006, 07:51 PM
Turbo to be exact...1HDFT with a H155 to be more exact...I done seen it!

So my dad and I were sitting at Chautauqua Open Space parking lot eating lunch, and this 80 starts coming down the hill towards us, slowly. It was all clanging and clattering, so I was like :confused: , what's up with that? But then he stopped and backed up into a parking spot a couple spaces down, and as soon as he put it under load backing up that little hill, I know it had to be a diesel.

It's a '96, maroon, locked; I talked with the guy for a couple minutes, hopefully he can make it the meeting on Wedn., I also gave him a TLCA card, so hopefully he'll at least show up here on the forum :cool: He said he got the engine/tranny from the UK and did the swap himself, so I was like :eek:

Now I want a TD 80 more than ever, after hearing how QUIET it is (only one I've heard besides Wes's) compared to everything else in the US of A. Nice truck dude! :fing:

02-25-2006, 11:59 PM
Sweet... and HDFT huh.

Toyota diesels are sweet when you're used to clanky ole cummins and powdersmokes :)