View Full Version : Anyone on the board an HVAC guy/gal?

12-08-2008, 10:55 AM
Heater melted down and it's cold in here :(

I purchased a new furnace and just hadn't got around to install it. The trouble I have is that it is too new to compare it to any other installation I have access to. The metal work, gas lines, plumbing, and electrical I can handle but need to know the code requirements. It appears the exhaust is PVC and that makes sense as it is one of them efficient types. There is also a vent on top that I haven't been able to confirm if it has to be piped outside.

If anyone can recommend a contractor that will install a 'used' new furnace, let me know. None of the contractors I called wanted the business.

12-08-2008, 10:45 PM
You will have to find a friend of a friend as anybody with a license will not touch a used unit. We tried to get one installed in a rental unit and ending up selling it to get a new one. Not that is what you should do, I am sure somebody on this board knows somebody. It just comes down to liability as usual, good luck.

12-08-2008, 11:59 PM
I'll PM you the # of someone who might.

12-09-2008, 09:07 AM
If you knew what my furnace I have now looks like you would know where the liability is. The new one sitting next to it is at least sixty years newer.

Thank you for the numbers, hopefully they like money enough to do the job.

Remember when we didn't live in a disposable society?