View Full Version : Coolant Mix Questions

Jenny Cruiser
12-15-2008, 01:11 PM
The LX was not happy this morning. It was around -20 out here when I started it up and headed out. A few miles out of town I noticed the temp needle climbing so I pulled over and let it sit for ten minutes. Started it up and the needle was in the middle as usual, but made it's way to the red after driving a bit further.

The reserve was about half full when I first stopped and the radiator was just starting to make bubbling sounds. It was full when I checked it the second time and I had a little bit of coolant on the frame above the exhaust. It doesn't look like it came from the reserve and I couldn't find where it was coming from, but I could hear a drop hit somewhere on the exhaust every ten seconds or so.

After sitting for another 15 minutes I started it up and drove back into town without it overheating. I'm thinking the thermostat froze or stuck. It's running fine now, but the reserve is empty.

It's got 50/50 Toyota red that is less than a year old. I'm wondering where that coolant on the frame came from and if I should increase the mix to 70/30 or so. I put a new cap on the radiator when I changed the fluid, but the T-stat may be the original.