View Full Version : Ski Copper, Winter Park, and Steamboat for $33/day

12-19-2008, 01:37 PM
Seems like a GREAT deal if you know you can hit all 3 resorts this ski season :D

Too bad there isn't an option to ski one mountain for all 3 days...if so I would probably pick one up...

Anyway, for those skiers that don't have a pass and are looking for a good deal and might be planning to hit Copper, Winter Park, AND Steamboat this ski season, check it out...

1 day at Copper, Winter Park, & Steamboat for $33/day ($99) (http://www.inntopia.travel/aspnet/2.0/search_07.aspx?productsupercategoryid=9&salesid=640831&supplierid=642915&startposition=1&daterange=1&arrivaldate=11/19/2008&departuredate=04/19/2009&productcategoryid=117&submit=Go&crmcontact=1221411&crmnws=ROG_CM_NWS_01_E1_081218)