View Full Version : 1974 FJ55 - You know you want a PIG!

12-29-2008, 10:37 PM
Changing some plans and priorities so the little red project pig has to go. Bought this from TJ this spring, been sitting in my neighbor's garage ever since.

1974 FJ55
all primer right now, original orange pig!
body is surprising solid. the PO before TJ did all the work so no idea what was done. Looks good though, the PO's definitely repaired a lot of rust, but some of their work is not perfect..
no engine...TJ had a 3FE in there but took it out to put it in his pig.
comes with 4 speed tranny and tcase, driveshafts, everything you need but the engine. drop in a 2f and you are ready to go!
Only thing missing from the pics is the backseat

- disc brake front axle! This is from Uglibus.
- Brand new Alcan 4" springs. Bought these from a guy in Boulder who worked with Alcan a lot and had these made for his pig. He installed them for fit then took them off to restore his pig and never got around to restoring it. - I put on OEM steelies with decent tires
- any parts you need from my Uglibus stash
- front bumper from Uglibus
- very stout rear bumper from Uglibus. The rear bumper in the pic was kept by TJ.
- new radiator, I think, have to check.

No new pics from me, but here are some from TJ's threads on MUD.

Just want to get out what I paid for everything, first $2k cash gets a great Pig project! Come take a look anytime. Thanks. :beer: