View Full Version : OME 850 springs FS

02-27-2006, 02:29 PM
Take the first step towards that 2.5" suspension lift & upgrade for your 80 series Land Cruiser. Old Man EMU 850 springs. These are for the front, typically matched with 863's in the rear, and run with the "non-L" shocks. Though your application is welcome to vary...

These springs are brand new, to you, however they are not "new" as I've had them for about 3 years. Nothing wrong with their performance, I just recently went up to J springs, which are about 1" taller (was running the Mr. Gasket spacers too, so height of 850+1" virtually the same as with J's). And I could probably toss in the used spacers too, if you want.

Last thing, is I painted these yellow.. they're still mostly yellow but parts of the yellow chipped off when I banged the springs around installing them. They could of course be any color you want, after you paint them. But as an incentive to act today, I'd be willing to paint them black for you tonight, then bring to the RS meeting on Wednesday at no additional charge! asking $50 for the pair (1/3 what they go for new). :fing:

edit: ok, well you guys had first crack all day... posted these up on mud tonight and they're as good as gone!