View Full Version : Calling all Cars: Wheelers for the Wounded wants YOU!!

01-20-2009, 12:05 AM

We are helping coordinate the hosting of this event in Colorado on July 18-19th, 2009. I am hoping I can get some help from a variety of 4-wheel drive clubs in Colorado so we can represent a wide variety of interests, vehicle types and driving styles. We are lucky to have a small core group that has already started on the initial planning for this event and we have been fortunate to have raised some funds through a charity event.

Right now I am looking for two levels of interest:

First: A few dedicated folks who can assist with the planning and implementation of the event itself. This team of about ten (10) will need to work closely together to take care of details that include land use permits, insurance, emergency services, transportation, camping/housing, food, entertainment, and locating wounded service men and women who would like to participate, either as drivers or passengers. If you have skills that would help accomplish any of these needs, and are willing to spend time with us doing so, please let me know! Even if you can simply point us in the right direction, any and all support is welcome.

Second: Folks who would be willing to provide a reliable vehicle and passenger seat for a wounded veteran to ride in. We will be looking at a wide variety of trails dependent on the build level of the vehicles we are able to provide. We will rely on these folks to cooperate in groups of around five vehicles with trail leaders, spotters and tailgunners, while providing for any needs our drivers and passengers might need.

Please check the link below for detailed information on the Wheelers for the Wounded program:


If you would like to climb on board, check out the Colorado section of the forum on the Wheelers for the Wounded site here:


Rather than trying to update threads on numerous 4-wheel drive forums, I will be using the Wheelers for the Wounded forum as a nexus for all of this information. I know it is asking something to have each of you monitor another forum, but it saves me the time of looking at what will likely be several at a time! Look forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new folks as well.