View Full Version : '94 LC air tube + '78 FJ fitting needed

01-24-2009, 07:54 AM
I have a used and stiff (but otherwise undamaged) air tube from a '94 LC for sale for $10. This is the air tube between the MAF and the air cleaner - the one Jiffy Lube cracks when they check your air filter :).

It was replaced on the suspicion of causing a wierd driveability problem, but it wasn't at fault. So, if your air tube is held together with caulk and shoe-goo, this might be for you.

I need a 5" or so chunk of steel fuel line for a '76-8-ish FJ40 with the carb fitting on the end. So, if you have a sawed-off '78 carb fuel line, this is what I need. I'm making a custom fuel line to help with vapor locking. I would trade this even-up for the air tube.


Steve Helmreich - Colo Springs

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