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01-25-2009, 11:42 AM
Yesterday I got around to installing a Slee wiring harness for my headlights and wanted to start attempting my "driving light" install. I have to admit...I am not good with electronics. There's a reason I graduated with a Civil Engineering degree and not Electrical, even though I originally went to college on an electrical engineering scholarship!!!

To add to the humor of my driving light install, I purchased a "Genuine Toyota" switch off e-b&* and I had a laugh when I see the outer package says "Made in USA" :)then I take the switch out and the back of the switch says "Made in China"!!! :mad:Check out the pics below.

OK, on to my help question...

The back of the switch has three tabs located and numbered 2, 3 & 4. Locations 1, 5 & 6 don't have tabs. I assume the three tabs are for switch power, ground, and ACC? Is this correct? If so, which number do you suppose is power, acc & ground?

The previous owner pulled switch power directly out of the fuse (just pinched the wire with the fuse). Should I tap switched power from the wire going to the high beam headlight? Or can I take it from the off-shoot from the Slee harness that is supposed to be for aux. lights? Or, is there a better place from which to tap power to the switch?

Thanks to all.

01-25-2009, 01:25 PM
Depends when you want the lights to come on. If you take it from the high beams they will only work with the highs. If you wire a separate power supply to them you can use them when ever. You can also give them dual power so when they are off but you hit your highs they still come on. I personally would do it the dual way, gives you more flexibility. You can use them with low or high or by themselves.

01-25-2009, 01:49 PM
I like the idea of the dual power option...how would this be accomplished?

Also, do you have any idea on which tab on the switch would be power, which would be ground and which would go to the relay?

01-25-2009, 02:01 PM
If you buy this, you don't need to know anything about how to wire it:

I decided I like this style the best for the 80....still tracking down the part number.

01-25-2009, 02:42 PM
Thanks, Mike...I do like that switch better.

I think I found what I need for wiring the switch I have at this site...


Like I said...I'm an electrical midget!!!

01-26-2009, 02:41 PM
I've got that Toyota switch in my truck for my IPF's. Top is ground; middle is accessory power, and bottom is the lead to the relay.

I wasn't too keen in the "high beam only" option, but didn't want them running without ignition, so I found a blank slot in my fuse panel for accessory power. Functionally I think it's the best solution - I have the lights whenever I want them, but I never leave them on accidentally.

01-27-2009, 11:48 AM
Thanks, Jacket. I'm still interested in how to wire it up the way RockRunner suggests. That seems like a great scheme to be able to have them come on with the high beams, but still also be able to use them by themselves if necessary.