View Full Version : 1980 FJ40 Fuel Tank

Air Randy
02-02-2009, 01:04 PM
I have the stock fuel tank from this 1980 FJ40. It is complete with filler neck, sending unit, all mounting brackets, straps, pads and skid plate.

When I drained it via the bottom plug, it had 13 gallons of fuel in it and there was no signs of any rust coming out of it. The fuel was clean enough to put in my 40 and it burned it all yesterday with no problems.:D

The exterior of the tank is in excellent condition as far as rust, the only place there is any is right around the sending unit and it looks to be light surface rust only. There are no dents or leaking seams.

The only problem I see is on the very top where the PO must have used a long self tapping screw to hold a bracket to the floor and it went into the top of the tank. The hole is about an 1/8 in diameter. You can probably put a small lag screw and washer in it, puckey it real good with silicon and it will never leak. Or, I can fill the tank with water and weld it up then flush the tank with kerosene and HEAT.

Make me an offer for it as-is or if you want me to weld it.