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03-14-2009, 03:26 PM
My friend the chef has started a very cool new business...she is CruzrChick on the forum and just bought her first cruiser, an 88 FJ62. (Used to be cbmontgo's) :cheers: I am a customer of her personal chef service for my lunches, and the food is AMAZING!! :thumb:

Her CL ad:

Who are you and what do we do?
We are Custom Cusine, and we give you the gift of time! We offer many services, but specialize in Personal Chef Service, Catering, Meal Delivery, Cooking Classes, and Wine and Food Tasting Parties.

What is a Personal Chef Service?
We don’t “just” cook for you, we do ALL the work! Every week you get to choose 5 meals from 10 gourmet menu items. We then cook your meals special for you and deliver them fresh to your door. You get to eat delicious, nutritious, healthy, wonderful meals every night. And all less expensive than a restaurant!

Well, how much is that?
Prices start at ONLY $100 plus groceries (which average less than $50 a week) for 1 person, $125 for a couple, and $150 for a family of 4. And there are no groceries to buy or pots and pans to clean. The best part is that we charge less than half than most Personal Chefs! Add up the cost of all the food, the pantry items, the TIME the energy and the hard work, and you can see what a bargain this is, and why we are SO busy!

When can I start?!
Today! Menus go out on Monday, the Chef is busy Wednesday Thursday and Friday, and your meals are delivered Friday after work (in a FJ62 of course!). All you have to do is reheat and enjoy.

Do you have a plan for my dietary needs? My diet plan? My restrictions?
Absolutely! We have delicious meals for any dietary need! Low carb, gluten free, vegetarian, etc. We can handle it all!

Can I save even more money??
YES! Refer one new customer to us, and after they become our customer, you get a FREE week of food (plus groceries) Every customer for us means a FREE week for you! Refer 5 new customers, get 5 FREE weeks. (and Timm gets NO referral bonus! :) Just trying to help a friend get started. )

What about lunches?
Of course! Let's chat, I have a couple of people getting the dinner service and using it for lunch, but I would like to develop a lower cost alternative for lunch.

How can I get more info?
Call Amber Taylor at 303.914.2002 or email us at customcuisineco@gmail.com for a free consultation.

Custom Cuisine – Gourmet Food at recession prices

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