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03-27-2009, 03:10 PM
So a buddy of mine here at work has a FJ60 (I think it's a 1984). It has this lock on the key that you have to push down to turn the key to off. Not sure why, although my pickup does require you to push the key in, so it's obviously a mechanism to keep you from turning the engine off inadvertently.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon it seemed there was a problem with this lock, he could not get the key to turn on and start the truck. I messed with it a little, took off the plastic trim and poked around and nothing seemed broken obviously on the outside. It seemed the button would not depress much so I turned the key and gently tapped the button and after a few love taps the key turned and he could start the truck. He said it didn't give him any more issues the rest of the day, maybe another 3 or 4 on-off cycles. This morning, no go, key locked.

With the key in the buzzer works and his steering column is not locked (the wheel will turn even though the key won't turn enough to engage the ignition or starter.

So is there a known piece that breaks or something that causes this? I was guessing that there is a spring that pushes the button back up or a pin or something that has broken or fallen into the key cylinder. So anything I could pass along or look at for him? I was assuming that he'll have to pull the lock cylinder out of the housing and see what's going on in there (at least that would be my first step). Doesn't seem to be a key issue, does it with both keys he has (IOW, the notches on the key seem to engage the lock tumbler well enough).

03-27-2009, 07:58 PM
Check the key and make sure it is not worn out on one side. This is the normal issue with the lock cylinders. :beer: